Monday, June 16, 2008

Eric Cohler's - Versatility in Design

Eric Cohler runs a very successful interior design firm out of
New York City. His impressive portfolio shows a lot of diversity
which is reflected in his versatile designs. Known for mixing styles
and colors, Erich Cohler is a bit different from your normal designer
in that he holds a Masters Degree in Historic Preservation from
Columbia University's School of Architecture and a certificate
in design from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Not every
designer can say they have such an extensive background in historic
buildings - yet his designs range from the classic to contemporary
and organic. I was really drawn to the stairway he designed above
with geometric patterns on the stairs and a wall covered with photos.

Because of his knowledge in historic building techniques,
Eric does use many architectural elements such as ceiling
treatments, paneled walls, and moldings to add depth to
his designs. This hallway is completely white and looks very
simple. His details really make plain white look classy and
very beautiful.

I loved the color palette he used for this dining room.

I adore the striped velvet he used to upholster the chairs.

A beautiful family room with clever use of stripes.

Quite an eclectic mix here with a black and white
harlequin floor, a checkered bench, ornate fireplace
detailing and an ethnic rug. Somehow he manages
to pull it together beautifully.

It's amazing all the different finishes he uses here from the
plush brown sofa, antiqued chair, a marble topped end table
and a surprising red lacquered coffee table. Everything else
in the space seems more neutral except for the surprising pop
of red.

Beautiful coffee table and a clever way to
store books and magazines underneath it.

The ceiling to this room is what surprised me most.
Whoever thought to put a crossword puzzle on the

Love the striped tiles he used for this neat bathroom.

What a way to spruce up an otherwise
normal and very white bathroom.
Instant centerpiece.

I've never seen a bathtub look like a library.
For book lovers, it's actually a very cool concept.
Just don't drop the book into the water ^_^

I thought this was a very layered look and very rich.
It looks like a house with a lot of character. The seagrass
wall coverings really give the place an added sense of

All photos from Eric Cohler's site.


Natalie Galitzine said...

Thank you for posting this, Karen!
What I enjoyed in all of those photos of interior designs was that they look like places where you can really live in and be yourself, - not feel like you are fitted into a perfect museum exposition. I even think it inspires to bring change into those environments, move furniture around, add some new items. A wonderful mixture of textures and colors that makes each room a very complex (in a good way)! I think they are fun to live in!

Yoli said...

Karen this man is amazing. I love that stair with the rug and wall of pictures. This person knows design so intricately that he can deconstruct it in any shape or form. Stunning.

corine said...

I love the interior with the yellow dress painting. Amazing.

katiedid said...

Hi Karen! I, too, am a fan! :)

Cote de Texas said...

it looks so great all together!

loving your header - your room looks fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

columnist said...

The second picture, of the hallway is stunning in its simplicity, but so masterful with the twists and turns of the skirting boards; putting no pictures on the walls only adds to this. Also in the last picture the use of practically all the wall to hang pictures is a clever and surprisingly effective idea. I have limited wall space and this would certainly be a solution. Similarly hanging pictures onthe glass is a very clever idea, although I'm not sure how they would fare from weather conditions.

Suzy said...

He's one of my favorites. I hadn't seen the bathroom/library image before though, so thanks for sharing. How amazing would it be to lie in that bath with all those books to choose from!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i LOVE that bi-level family room. also, that hallway shot is just gorgeous.
xo alison

driftwood shack said...

these are fantastic rooms each time you look you see more interesting things- they must be amazing places to live and visit

Alkemie said...

Thank you so much for coming by and sharing your wonderful comments! Got a little more coming up in the next post on him. He does have an amazing breadth of styles. Glad you enjoyed it and hope it was good inspiration :)


Discount Designer Fabrics Online said...

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. Eric Cohler is incredible......


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post! Love the room with the black and white harlequin floor. Especially I like the painting in this room!

Betsy said...

That is such a good idea for a plain white bathroom. Love it! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

Love, Betsy.

Mike said...

That's a bit different with the bathtub looking like a library. Very original idea though.