Friday, June 20, 2008

The Love Boutique Motel ~ The new standard of "Love" Hotels

The Love Boutique Motel in Taichung, Taiwan really surprised
me. Not sure if you are aware of what "Love" hotels are. The
phenomenon started in Japan and is now gaining popularity
across Asia. The average living space in a Japanese city is a small
square box probably less than 100 square feet. Many still live
with their families. So imagine if you and your boyfriend or girlfriend
wanted some privacy to do your business...Where would you
attend to this?

Certainly not at home where your family members are home. If you
live in a box, you probably don't have much space since it is probably
packed with your personal items. Enter the solution ~ the quintissential
"love" hotel. Hotels with reasonable rates (you can rent a night, an
afternoon, or even a few hours or afternoon), the hotel staff are discreet
and voila - your dilemna is solved. What started out as "hot sheet" hotels
has now become the rage with a new breed of love hotels with fantasy
themes, beautiful surroundings and amenities any first rate hotel would
provide. They are so reasonable that even travelers who want to stay in a
decent hotel at reasonable rates have no qualms of booking rooms anymore.
In transit and need a few hours of rest? A love hotel is the answer.

I went to Korea for a friend's wedding last year and the hotel he booked
the US contingent at none other than a Love hotel. When he first presented
this idea to us, we were aghast thinking of seedy hotels in the red light district.
I can't say much for the area (it was ok but filled with bars/other love hotels)
but the love hotel totally blew us away! It had a gorgeous bathroom with tub
and separate shower, a huge flat screen television, computer terminals in the
rooms with marble tiles, a bonafide spa, and more ~ all this very
reasonable prices.

Now that I've given my introduction to love hotels - here's the latest one that
I stumbled across that has the most spacious suites I've ever seen. This hotel
in Taiwan has 45 suites individually outfitted and designed with different styles
and themes. Want a room with a milk bath and a sauna? Done. Want a suite
that includes an outdoor pool or spa? Done.

The outside to this massive hotel looks very
modern and conservative. You would never
guess what the rooms look like on the inside.

Here's a modern suite with simple furnishings. I love
the oversized round mirror on th ewall and the tree in
the foreground. It's so fun.

Here's a room that is a bit more elegant in its furnishings.

A glamourous midcentury styled room all in white.
Love the sheer curtain and wall treatment.

Another fun modern room with oversized flowers.

Isn't this room huge?

Hello Classy! with a Modern twist.

Can you believe the Size of this bathroom? If you look closely,
you realize just how large this room actually is ~ and this
only the bathroom!

If all the suites have an outdoor area as large as this,
no wonder that gargantuan building only has 45 rooms/suites.

Another beautiful courtyard.

Wow, this is very zen and spa like.

Here's that private pool.

If you look at the reflection in the mirror - you can see one
rendition of my dream bathroom. A double spa with a flat
screen television in case I decide to do some channel surfing.

What do you guys think? Surprised and
impressed by this Love hotel?

Photos from various travel search site.


M.Kate said...

WOW!! I'd like to leave the kids at my mom's place and go to any of those 'love' romantic, I'll dream of it tonight :D

Ursie B said...

I love that white wall in the glamourous midcentury styled room. It reminds me of the 3-D Graham Brown wallpaper. Nice.

Erin said...

I am in LOVE with this love hotel! These rooms are amazing!! Who knew?!

Fifi Flowers said...

WOW... love the hotel rooms! Fab post as usual!

pinkstilettos said...

Hey! I love love love these photo. It makes me want to take a vacation and stay there! I really like the 3rd photo- that Daisy sofa is so cute! I want one. I just did a post on a gorgeous hotel in London, England and they have such gorgeous interiors such as this one. Daisy~

Anonymous said...

Super-clean, private, comfy, convenient, and romantic is what I always wanted under such circumstances (ahem). A love hotel probably charges for too much stuff I don't need to accomplish my mission. I think just a 4 poster, or variation thereof, with drapings or curtains is good. By the hour rooms might not need pools - but then, what do I know?

SimplyGrove said...

This hotel is fabulous!!!!

Villa Anna said...

OMG I am in LOVE with this hotel! The white room made my jaw drop. Outstanding post Karen...thank you.

Anna :)

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I vote for staying in love [hotel] all the time......whether the parents are at home or not!

Rohith said...

amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzig......i would love to see this place....

Mike said...

You gotta have a flat screen television in a bathroom. How can you not?