Monday, June 9, 2008

Parisian Design Boutique Hotel ~ Hotel Particulier Montmarte

Hotel Particulier Montmarte has garnered a lot of attention
since it's opening of June of 2007. The restored mansion has
blends art and and design together in this unusual boutique
hotel in the bohemian district of Montmarte in Paris. There
are 5 different suites designed by different artists. Rooms start
from $600 per night. A bit steep I must say, but it promises
a unique stay all the same.

The room “Tree with ears” has been designed by Pierre Fichefeux,
a young illustrator and art director working for various venues
including La Fabrica (Benetton’s creative laboratory). I really love
the dark richness of the room with the unusual black headboard
and sofa.

Dramatic bathroom area with gilt
finishes and glimmering gold.

Martine Aballéa, contemporary artist, born in New York,
works in Paris. She designed the "Vegetal room" to have
guests feel as if they were suspended in a garden or amidst
trees. I think she rather did a good job of it.

The “Vitrine room” by Philippe Mayaux, painter and
sculptor, and artist. I think his pieces look edible!

The room “Curtain of hair” by artist and photographer
Natacha Lesueur. A bit unusual, although I do love the
clawfoot bathtub.

You would never guess how modern the salon is - filled
with midcentury modern treasures and furnishings.

Quite sleek I would say. Love how glossy the chairs are.

It isn't often that you see black walls including the door
painted in matte black. I'm more used to seeing it in glossy
or lacquered finish. The Matte finish is quite nice.

No mansionette is complete without a beautiful
garden to dine in. This boutique hotel's gardens
do not disappoint.


M.KATE said...

Karen, those bedrooms are fit for kings! I dont mind to sleep there, afterall its only 600 per night!!! happy week

Ziakoko said...

Absolute elegance! (though as a soft furnisher I should mention the Vetegal room curtains are missing a finial and are going to fall off!) They can pay me $600 a day to check them all if they like!

LondonCalling said...

Ultra elegant! Wouldn't mind at all being seated at that table right now.

Pigtown-Design said...

How lovely... looks so cool on a hot day here! 100+ F oustide now!

annechovie said...

Thanks for introducing me to Hotel Particulier - such a unique interior and a beautiful facade and garden! Makes me want to visit now!

SimplyGrove said...

Oh My!!! This hotel is heaven!!!

Alkemie said...

That's pretty funny about the finials. I did hear from others across the country about the insane heatwave. Of course it takes an insane heat wave every where else for it to be proper summer temperatures of the low 70s in Frisco. It's cold here all the time that it makes me actually miss intense heat...

Glad you guys enjoyed photos of the hotel. It is a bit different :)



Yoli said...

Karen, I can always count on you to find the exquisite.

Mélanie said...

beautiful parisian hotel ! I love its garden

Jessica Claire said...

that wallpaper at the top is heavely!

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

okay, this is AWESOME Karen!

Anonymous said...

Tres intiresno, gracias

Mike said...

I love the minor in the bathroom a lot.