Friday, June 27, 2008

Sherryll Jackman - A little Outdoor Living

How's this for a stunning outdoor living space? San Diego
has the perfect weather for outdoor living and Sherryll
Jackman has wonderful visions for outdoor spaces.
Love the fire pit and all of the roomy and curvy furnishings
she chose to use. It looks so inviting - you really just want
to plop in and propr your legs up.

Another wonderul design with a view of downtown San Diego.

The ceiling full of glass is amazing with the natural light.
Can you imagine a living room where you can gaze up
at the stars at night?

A very polished and stylish nautical themed room.
Just enough of the theme but not over the top.

A very classical bedroom. Beautiful
chinoise styled cabinet against the wall.

I Love books and thought that this was a
really neat dining room for a book lover.

This small living space struck me in an artsy way
with bohemian hints for a really nice cottage style.

I love the wall color she chose - looks to be a powdery
periwinkle of sorts - that hard to describe shade with
blues and lavender in it. Fun mix of furniture and colors!

This is a great kitchen with ultra modern stainless steel
appliances and fixtures juxtaposed against very rustic
and earthy wood floors and cabinets. I really like it!
She somehow made them fit together.

The lightness and airiness of this very
bright kitchen is like a dream. How many
kitchens can boast this many windows and
this much light? Even the ceilings are finished
with wood.

I hope you enjoyed this tour. I'll be posting about
Sherryll's store some time next week but I have a
special post on Monday about refinished furniture.

All photos from The Jackman Group.


Marie Louise said...

Love that outdoor sitting room overlooking San Diego! I could hang there with a cocktail all afternoon!

Fifi Flowers said...

The view of downtown San Diego is fabulous! Reminds me of visiting my great grandmother as a kid... Makes me want to move down south!

flow said...

very nice.

I look forward to your Monday post on refinished furniture!


franki durbin said...

heaven. heaven! love that second image near the top. Looks like my dream home is waiting for me in San Diego ;)

Cote de Texas said...

I love the first kitchen - so cute and cozy - just my style. well, one of my styles. hahah

SimplyGrove said...

So Gorgeous!! Cant decide which pic is my favorite!

Sue said...

Once again you have introduced me to a new designer to love! Thanks for the education.

Villa Anna said...

What Sue said ^^

Outstanding!! Thank you!!

Anna :)

acaligurl said...

karen, lovely pics. i especially like the top patio setting!!!

Mike said...

I'd make my backyard more comfortable but I only get a couple months of spring and summer then I'm stuck in my home.