Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blakes Hotel - Amsterdam (Anouska Hempel)

Last week I posted about Anouska Hempel's Blakes Hotel
in London. This week I also wanted to share with you the
Blakes hotel in Amsterdam which is a bit different in design
but dramatic and eye catching never the less.

The red and white room above shows off Hempel's
signature flair for drama and stark contrast.

Another gorgeously decked out room with rich
fabrics and of course a canopy bed.

The building's facade and architecture are
every bit as lovely as the designs inside.

The lobby and common areas of the hotel are designed
in a stark and modern design with heavy Japanese

Clever use of the slanted walls.

A zen bedroom to match the soothing bath above.

A beautiful dining area with exposed brick.

And a wonderful courtyard
to enjoy alfresco dining.

All photos from Architectural Digest.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Some Fabulous Lofts & Apartments !

I picked up a Fantastic special edition magazine by
Canadian House & Home that I must share with you all.
If you have a chance to pick it up, it's a great great issue!

It starts right off with a before and after photo
of an entry way in a condo. Before, it was quite
plain with no color or furnishings.

The "after" is quite astounding with brilliant
color, gorgeous furnishings with a lot of "wow"
factor. I don't consider myself a person who
likes yellow and I Love this entry way!

My favourite is how they framed the wallpaper
for some pizzaz and the bright rug! It's so easy to
change out the rug for a different look and color too.

The special issue also had quotes and photos from
condo and apartment owners who really spiced up
their small spaces.

I really loved this bedroom for it's deep rich colors
and eclectic mix.

I also really fell in love with this very chic
white living room! Very elegant and soothing.

This designer from Toronto found out she quite liked
a more masculine style when she designed an apartment
for a bachelor client. I must say that although, masculine -
it's very cool and clean. I really lilke it!

This room reminded me of a post that Franki from Life
in a Venti Cup recently wrote about. Franki had taken a
design quiz which you can do as well at
Imagine Franki's (who is a very stylish woman I might add
with great taste) surprise when she found her result to the
quiz as having a masculine style. Here's to you Franki that
having an eclectic style that includes masculinity in it is
certainly not a bad thing as you can see from the gorgeous
but "masculine" room above.

I love how the mirrors really open up the space
in this dining room. Love the eclectic mix of
furninshings as well.

A very polished living room
with a sophisticated mix.

And something more modern with low furniture.

I simply liked the colors that were used for this spread.

Loved the robin's blue/turquoise color in this set up!

Hope you've been able to glean some
inspiration from these examples on how
you can spruce up your living space.

All photos from Canadian House & Home magazine.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Before & After ~ Reupholstered Furniture Chairs Gallery ~ Part 2

Here's Part 2 to my Before and After Gallery. We start
off with this gorgeous redone chair I found on the blog
The Deco Detective. I love the silver finish!

Here's a before and after chair I found on Team Sugar.
It's actually hard to tell that this is the before photo.

I suppose pink didn't match the room so it
was recovered in green instead.

Laissez Faire remade this chair
into a fun and tropical theme.

Apartment Therapy reader
took this chair from drab...

to Fab!!

Liasynthis remade this chair into a beautiful chair
for her nursery. I say she hit it spot on!


By Jessica from Jessica Jones Design - Love
the fun and bright color of this chair.

Hope this has provided you with a little more
inspiration for repurposing chairs and furniture!

All photos listed from the sources above.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Anouska Hempel ~ Blakes Hotel London

I've always held a certain fascination for Anouska Hempel
and her bold and versatile designs. In this post, I'm showcasing
her designs from her hotel chain ~ The Blakes Hotel London.

Anouska Hempel was born as Anne Geissler in New Zealand.
Looks like somewhere along the way she changed her name
completely. She moved to the UK in 1962 and married a
journalist and propery developer Constantine Hempel who later
died in a car accident. She later remarried.

Anouska Hempel started out as a TV actress who turned into a
hotelier and designer. Her designs are very bold and she designs
everything form couture to landscaping.

The above photo is my absolute favourite suite in the Blakes Hotel
in London. It is called the Corfu Suite and is all white.

More angles of the Corfu suite including a very romantic
four poster bed with white linens and draperies. I love
how she used white boards for the flooring with a very
organic wood coffee table. Despite it being a hotel suite,
it looks so incredibly homey.

The living area of the suite.

And a look from the bed. How divine!

Other suites in the hotel are decorated completely
differently including very old world and over the top
luxurious designs.

Very Lux and Very European.

Look at this ornate daybed!

I love how she designs her four poster beds.
She somehow manages to make them look
wonderfully cozy despite the formal decor.

Love how she accessorized this sitting area
on the walls and the coffee table.

This is certainly unlike any bathroom I've seen
in any hotel. The wood is absolutely gorgeous.

The diagonal striping is surprising - one would
expect straight or horizontal lines but not diagonal
striping which seems a bit whimsical.

Anouska Hempel is an expert at layering and texutres.
Look at all those pillows and draping! It looks stunning.

This room has more of a provincial country side feel
to it. It's so neat how she juxtaposed such formal decor
with countryside chic all in the same hotel.

I totally fell in love with this tub the first time I laid eyes
on it. The bow reminds me of Anya Hindmarch's emblem.

I hope you've enjoyed this tour

All photos from the Blakes Hotel site.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Focus on a Collector's Home

Hugo Zandberg was born in Capetown, South Africa and has
garnered acclaim for his raw approach in mixing items and for
his sophisticated use of lighting. After moving to London in 1996,
he worked under David Champion and four years ago, set up his
company, Hubert Zandberg Interiors.

He recently completed the decoration of a house in Little Venice,
London and this post showcases this home. As a collector himself,
Zandberg has quite a way of mixing and blending collections and
various items together.

The gorgeous bedroom above is a great example of what Zandberg
considers to be the perfect paint color for artwork. "It's grey taupe
with an aubergine bias, which is much mores suited for putting art
onto than white, for instance. The colour also absorbs more light, so
an image is further pronounced," he explains.

Judging from the bedroom above, I'm inclined to agree with the him.

Zandberg also has a philosphy which describes his raw approach.
"There is so much out there that it can be quite overwhelming. I
believe that one should snap up art and furniture, as and when one
comes across them, without necessarily having a position for any piece
in mind. You can find a place for them later."

Just look at the rich mix of pillows and textures in the bedroom
above? I'm totally hooked!

Different angles of a large drawing room.

A place for a study.

A different angle from the same
bedroom as the first photograph.

A rich living room in hues of plum and brown.

And a wonderful mix of midcentury modern
furniture and art for the dining area.

A small conservatory off of the dining room
that serves as a great place to lounge. Zandberg
takes many different kinds of objects and mixes
them beautifully here.

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate a website
for Zandberg but his offices are in Nottinghill
in London.

I hope you enjoyed the house as much as I did.

All photos from Conde naste
House & Garden South Africa.