Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bond and Bowery ~

One might think that this set of gorgeous French Bergere
chairs comes from the site 1st Dibs. There's an up and coming
site that I'd like to introduce to you called Bond and Bowery.

Bond and Bowery is much like 1st Dibs where they offer an online
medium for dealers and customers to meet. They offer furniture,
art and antiques. What is different about Bond and Bowery is that
it is designed for not only the trade in mind, but the end client as well
with a broader range of prices.

1st Dibs for the most part is very expensive and I was pleasantly
surprised to find how reasonable some of the pieces offered on
Bond and Bowery are. What sets Bond and Bowery apart is that
their site is advertisement free and they do not take hefty middleman
fees which makes their site more accessible for their dealers and the
end customer alike. Their site is very professional and very easy
to navigate.

Let's take a tour of some of the offerings on the site.

As you can see, the photos and all information related to
the piece are clearly laid out includeing the vendor's contact.
Can you believe this bench is being sold for only $385! You
would never find a price like this on 1st Dibs.

I really love this pair of Murano glass lamps.
The fuzzy lamp shades are so fun!

Orange striped Louis XIII chairs. A great
modern twist on an antique piece.

Quintissential French furniture
reupholstered in a beautiful sky blue fabric.

Gorgeous Georgian styled bergere
chairs brilliant striped fabric.

Now this is a piece with character. A federal
door frame that's been made into a book case.

Not to worry for all of you fans of midcentury pieces.
How's this display cabinet made of staggered lucite
shelves and mirrored backing?!

Midcentury modern chairs reupholstered in Orange.

Beautiful leather armchair that has
the perfect amount of distress on it.

Gorgeous Italian dining table. I really covet this piece.

And a Napolean game table with lacquered finishing.

There's definitely more than enough room for both 1st Dibs
and Bond and Bowery so I hope you'll take the time to check
out their site!


Anonymous said...

Love Bond & Bowery! And especially that they have a variety of price ranges compared to 1stdibs!

FancyPants-design said...

Wow! They have great stuff!! Thanks!

maison21 said...

thought their site was interesting too. my first thought was "oooooh- somebody's gonna get sued" because it's sooo similar to 1stdibs.

i DO like the idea of an alternative to 1stdibs, though! i hope they succeed (and you've just helped them!).

coco+kelley said...

omg. those feathery lamp shades are AMAZING! i'm dying. they'd be impossible to keep clean, and i don't even care! beautiful finds :)

Rebecca said...

Sort of been out of blog land lately, such a busy summer. Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do! I appreciate this post - I learned something. :)

driftwood shack said...

these look great- I'm off to have a browse...

Mélanie said...

they are beautiful pieces !thank you for sharing this site

Fifi Flowers said...

ooh la la... this Napolean game table is GREAT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I got here by way of Cote De Texas-- what a great site you have! Love your posts-- especially the one w/ before & after chairs. Thanks!!!!!

SwankLighting said...

We are so happy to have joined Bond & Bowery just last week. Great people to deal with and they are right that there are soooo many more Vintage and Antique dealers with great stuff that are not on 1stdibs. Of course we have to constantly stop everyone here at our company from calling it 2nddibs.
Ed at Swank

Redgate Studios said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Redgate Studios said...

Thanks for this post, I am off to browse their site. I love the display cases with Lucite shelves, hoping they ship to Australia!
Thanks for your comments on my blog!

Anonymous said...

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