Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Seaside Home ~ A fabulous Home Furnishings Store

The front of the store is just as stunning as everything on the
inside of the spacious and airy store. Seaside Home was created
by Sherryll Jackman whose daughter helps her with runnning
the stores. They have 3 locations with the flagship store (pictured
above) in beautiful and swanky La Jolla, California. For those of you
who aren't familiar, La Jolla is like the Beverly Hills of San Diego.
They also have two more locations in the suburbs in the gorgeous
communities of Rancho Santa Fe and Coronado Island.

Stepping inside the double doors, you can see wide open
spaces and all types of furnishings and decorative items.

Very cool pineapples on this dining table.

She really took time to stage
everything beautifully.

This store is modeled just like a home.
Look at this gorgeous kitchen area!

A very rich, leather brown sofa.

Floral patterns as well in soft and relaxing hues. I really
liked the striped slip covered chair there in the corner.

The store is sectioned off in areas that are modeled after
rooms like the bedorom, different living and dining spaces,
and more.

It really does look like a home with the bedroom area
looking into the kitchen. What a great concept for a store.

Another look at the bedroom area.

Very neutral and soothing linens in this bedroom.

I really liked the chair with embroidery on it.

Who can ever turn down faux bamboo chairs?

And finally a closer look at that kitchen in the store.
And this concludes a visit to a store I certainly wouldn't
mind spending a good chunk of time at.

All photos from Seaside Home


driftwood shack said...

what a lovely store-i really wish I had seen it before I had done my post on fish! Because that fish cushion is lovely!

Fifi Flowers said...

That store front looks perfect to paint! I think I will!
Love that fish pillow in the bamboo chair! FUN!
I haven't been to La Jolla in YEARS... posh place at the beach!

Cote de Texas said...

this is really pretty = that first picture with the striped sofa - I want that. is there a web site?

Villa Anna said...

I'm completely speechless...


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Thank you for the introduction. I have added this shop to my "to visit" list when I go to San Diego in October. Thank you.

leather furniture said...

I love that fish cushion , time for some shopping :)

Anonymous said...

wow, I used to live in La Jolla (utc), I somehow missed this store! I mainly liked going over to Treasures at the pyramid. Next time im in town I will definitely stop here. beautiful post.

Emily said...

Joni (Cote) emailed me this post- I love!!

j u s t i m a g i n e said...

awwwwwwwww why does america have all the cool shops.......awesome post !!!

Rebecca said...

This is my favorite kind of decor post! Learning about this store opens aup so much inspiration for me! Yay.

Erik said...

Joni (Cote) emailed me this post- I love!!