Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Baccarat House in Moscow ~ Phillipe Starck

And here we are at the Baccarat House in Moscow.
Can you believe how decadent and sultry the bathroom
alone looks? Abosutely gorgeous. This place is also
designed by Phillipe Starck.

Baccarat began in 1764 when a glassworks company was
founded in the small village of Baccarat in Lorraine. After more
than 240 years, Baccarat has become the world leader in the
luxury crystal market. They were the official crystal maker
to past French Kings and other royal families in Europe
including the Russian Czars.

The facade of the building looks just as
impressive and grand.

The red carpet treatment indeed is rolled
out for all who visit any house of Baccarat.

A grand staircase with beautiful lamp posts and lighting.

A gargantuan chandelier graces a huge room.

The boutique looks stunning in all grays,
mirrored surfaces and chrome. It's so
sleek and chic. Love it!

It's really neat how the surface of this wardrobe
reflects and shows the chandelier behind. Yowzers!
How the heck do they make something so beautiful!

A darker reflective room as a contrast to
the silver and chrome room before. Reminds
me of a very sleek and modern Gothic styled

The color palette matches their
latest advertisements - also in
black and white.

I rather liked this advertisement by Baccarat as well.

And this is the reason why Baccarat crystal
is world renowned. It certainly cost a pretty
penny as well.

Didn't realize that Baccarat sold some items of furnishings.
I wouldn't dare ask how much a table like this would cost.
Probably a mortgage...

Certainly on my list to visit whenever I get to Moscow.

All photos from Baccarat.


M.Kate said...

Unbelievably beautiful here..cant even pick one, all just too rich and gorgeous!

SimplyGrove said...

This place is so grande and gorgeous!!!!

Villa Anna said...

Karen I can't get enough of these Baccarat posts! The utopian decadence of it all. Dreams just don't get much grander than this. Sheer Perfection!

Anna :)

Fifi Flowers said...

Love crystal and especially crystal chandeliers! Lovely post!

Porchlight Interiors said...

These images are incredible...Phillipe Starck is amazing - always a step ahead.

Ursie B said...

Gorgeous! I love him!!!

TonicHome said...

I really like that photo of the gray/chrome/mirror room. The finishes all play off of each other to create such a serene look. Just beautiful really! Maegan said...

so fantastic ...and sexy! I love the grey mirrored boutique. ...i love it all :)

Redgate Studios said...

WOW! Crystal is a favorite of mine, so glam!I want that table!

Anonymous said...

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Susan said...

This place is so grande and gorgeous!!!!