Monday, August 25, 2008

The Fabulous St. Regis ~ Singapore

The very first St. Regis in Southeast Asia opened in Singapore
on December 27, 2008. The fresh decor and luxury residences
certainly do not disappoint. I am totally in love with the designs
of their suites and rooms. The rooms are eclectic, luxurious and
colorful in a very tasteful way.

This is probably one of the few hotels that actually have suites
designed in a style that I could actually live in as a home. Take
a look at the gorgeous living space above in a wonderfully soothing
but energetic green with pops of color through the room.

The Presidential Suite does not disappoint with a beautifully
appointed balcony as well as indoor space. Rich accents,
furnishings and an eclectic mix of furniture make it actually
feel like a luxurios home rather than a hotel suite. I'd live
in a place like that any day!

The presidential suite includes an over the top glamorous
dining area with mirrored finishes and crystal galore.

A bathroom just as luxurious to go with the
Presidential suite. The view is to die for.

For those who like a more fresh and modern style,
the Metropolitan suite is the perfect choice.

Their deluxe suites are just as eye catching with red tufted
sofas, drapes and chrome finished lamp shades.

For a smaller room with more relaxing and muted details,
an executive King room is the perfect choice. Look at the
huge windows!

A full clawfoot bathtub to boot.

Astor Bar in the hotel offers a great place
and ambiance to sit for a drinks or two.

La Brezza offers a more relaxed place to have breakfast.

I just love how they use mismatched chairs in this
formal dining area. Mismatched yet no less luxurious
or divine.

A very dramatic restaurant with beautiful furnishings.

What is not to like? Love the tufted high backed seats
and the mirrored walls give such a glamorous effect.

I don't know about you but St. Regis Singapore is
definitely on my short list of dream hotels to stay at.

All photos from St Regis Singapore.


Willow Decor: said...

What a fun tour of the St. Regis! I can imagine myself having teas on La Brezza!

Ursie B said...

YOU could have designed that it looks so much like your home! Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Very inspiring.


Patricia Gray said...

What fun to imagine living at a Grand Hotel like this one. Can you imagine what the room service is like. Nice photos, thanks for the tour!

Teal Chic said...

Thanks for the gorgeous photos, Karen! If I stayed here, I'd never leave my room!!!

LA Chic said...

Beautiful photos. I love your blog. Very inspiring.

Fifi Flowers said...

Great view from the tub!

Porchlight Interiors said...

Such glamorous rooms! Love the green one at the top - I could definately live with that.

Pascale said...

Merci de m'avoir mise dans tes favoris, encore une fois tu nous fais partager de sublimes ambiances qui me font rêver.

Brown Design said...

Thanks for the great tour! Travel is always a fabulous way to get inspired.

Ana Carini said...

Hi there~ Really beautiful photographs! That reminded me a trip I had to Singapore years ago, where I had the opportunity to stay at the Ritz-Carlton - it was stunning! Great memories~

Thanks for sharing the photographs and nice to meeting you, you have been linked on my blog.

girl meets glamour said...

Now I really want to travel to all these great hotels!!


franki durbin said...

Can I just call them St. Fabulous? :)

Down Comforter said...

Love before and after photos. Great ideas.

Outsource Bookkeeping said...

Yeah, I agree to it... Every thing's cool. liked the color scheme and theme...

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