Friday, August 8, 2008

SMEG - The One and only Retro Fridge

The most famous retro fridge in the world is
the lovable and outrageous SMEG brand of the
UK. Isn't the photo above beautiful?

I must warn you that I got quite carried away
when preparing photos for this post. I just
couldn't decide!! And now begins the show.

We see Smeg in many different magazines.

Get a load of this retro kitchen, the White
Smeg fits in perfectly with the rest of the

A beautiful mint green Smeggie in this
very fitting and traditional home.

And this bakery that's full of character
with a White smeggie in the background.

Even cats can't stay away.

Even their ads show how beloved
the SMEG fridge is in the UK.

And strangely enough, it even translates into real life.
The owner of this red Smeg titled this photo "I love
my Smeg."

Smegs are even the inspiration for art as
shown to be the subject in this painting.

A very chic UK Smeg gallery.

Smeg line up.

And more SMEGS.


It wouldn't be the same without there being a
Union Jack Smeg. Front and Center :)

Lined up outside of this store to show off.

LOVE the yellow smeg and thought the
pumpkin colored smeg was unique.

Yellow not for you? We've got Lime Green, Royal Blue and Fire Engine Red!

I love seeing Smegs in their natural environments.
Here we have a string of lovely and girly pink Smegs.

Love the pink light pendant that matches
perfectly with the pink smeggie.

How cute! A chalkboard and chalk kit on this pastel smeg.

Beautiful Navy Blue smeg.

Of course we can't forget the RED one.
This red Smeg resides in a bar.

And more Red smegs :)

A look inside a Smeg.

And the very popular Orange Smeg. The Orange Smeg to the left is
so striking against the brilliant Turquosie blue walls. And the right
photo shows that Smegs can fit in just as well in a modern kitchen.
No need to have to decorate in a retro style to own one.

Wow, a Smeg in the original American flag...
And next to it, the Italian version.

Who would have thought the Brits would go so far as to
put their favourite football (Soccer) team colors on a fridge!


Looks like Paul Smith hehehhee. And I've
never seen a mirrored Smeg. It's wicked!

I leave with you a very nice black and white photo of
a Smeg refrigerator. I hope you've enjoyed this foray
deep into Smeg land.

Have a great weekend!

All photos from Flickr and Google Images.


Teal Chic said...

Wow, they are gorgeous! I would love to have one. I'll have to let my mom know they have one in jadeite! Great post Karen!!! Have a wonderful weekend.


M.Kate said...

Very cool!! I doubt if they sell it here or in Asia...

Anonymous said...

I love the range of colors they come in! I think you could have the worlds worsth kitchen and a smeg would still make it look soo cool ;-)

Pigtown-Design said...

I love the range of colours... i think we have a choice of about three colours for kitchen appliances in the US. BOOOORING!

Anonymous said...

This is like the Mini Cooper of refrigerators!! I love the fun these little jewels add to your life.....I'm just thinking this could work for me. Fun fun post, thank you. Ginny

Erin said...

another fantastic post!!! So much fun to look at all the color. I want one!!!

Mango Gal said...

Those are so adorable, I've always wanted one ever since I saw it on Racheal Rays show...adorable!

corine said...

I must have died and arrived in smeg heaven!

corine said...

Here, i wrote a post about your post. hugs.

annechovie said...

Ok, Karen, how is it that you post on all of my favorite things?? I love it! These are gorgeous! Thanks and have a super weekend!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello...called in from Hidden in France (Corine) the Smeg and if my kitchen was designed properly I would get one....don't know what colour just depends on colour of kitchen and design..but I can tell you it WOULD not be the Union awful to have that staring at you..would just have to be a plain colour..I love the kitchen with the pink shade and pink fridge, doubt if my husband would agree though :-) said...

Oh WOW! Those fridges! Your blog! WOW! I'm so glad I linked over from Made By Girl! Adding you to my reader asap!

Porchlight Interiors said...

What a comprehensive post on Smeg fridges - I've never seen so many choices in colour! My favourite is still the mint green one. Tracey

driftwood shack said...

I love this post but I must confess we Brits can't claim the smeg as ours they are an Italian company they do seem to sell very well here though, perhaps we have adopted them! some very pretty pictures though.......

Ana Carini said...

Hi there!
I am here to introduce myself. I am new to the Blog community and would like to meet new people. Your blog attracts me, so I posted a link on my site. Stop by and say hi sometime~

Nikella said...

Great pictures! If I am not mistaken SMEG is an Italian company. I think it stands for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla. Have you seen their new washing machine with the little sink on top?

katiedid said...

These are so fun! Looks like they come in every possible flavor.

Anonymous said...

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Aly Smith said...

Such a variety of clours I have never seen for refrigerators.

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