Monday, August 4, 2008

The Union Jack ~ A British Classic

I am totally in love with the Union Jack.
This fabulous rocker chair above was
used by the Spice Girls. Yellow against
black lacquer with nailheads on a traditional
chair...Simply Brilliant! The chair was designed
by the company Halo from Altrincham in the UK.

A reupholstered Union Jack chair by Metro Sofa finished in silver.

The famous Vivienne Westwood Union
Jack rug for The Rug Company. Would
love one of these!

More from The Rug Company -
an embellished Union Jack Pillow.

And a Union Jack wall hanging
(also from The Rug Company.)

This is a really cool Union Jack coffee
table that lights up from Suck UK.

A more detailed look at this fabulous coffee table.

Union Jack cards that come in
many colors from Made By Girl.

Traditional Union Jack Toilet seat from Amazon.

Of course, no retro kitchen is complete
without a SMEG refrigerator.

A beautiful Union Jack pillow from Debenham's.

Isn't that cutest dog bed?

The Natural Store of the UK offers organic fabrics
and clothing. They offer this beautiful pillow in
all organic cotton.

The Queen is every bit as synonymous
with the UK as is the Union Jack. The items
above are available from Naked Decor.

Union Jack pillows in different colors
from Karen Hilton Design on Etsy.

I especially like her black and
white rendition of the pillow.

You can find out more about these gorgeous
Sepia toned Union Jack tiles here.

Isn't that the coolest Chesterfield sofa or what?

This ultra cool leather sofa is available

What a huge Union Jack flag in this very
cool British themed Pub in Cleveland, Ohio
called The Pub.

From Lavender Hill Interiors on Ebay.

Gorgeous Union Jack chair from a
Ben Sherman store in Macy's.

All photos from the cited sources
under the respective photos above.


M.Kate said...

Karen, everything is cool here, but my fav is the rug. The toilet seat funny !! I wont mind a similar pillow for my rabbit though.

Anonymous said...

God save the queen!! Wonderful Monday viewing, thanks for the fun. Ginny My fav is the ceiling.

Pigtown-Design said...

Great images. I have an old Union Jack from my dad and I keep trying to think of something wonderful to do with it that will honour his memory.

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

LOVE IT! Beautiful post! My favorites are the first lacquer rocker chair, and of course, the Rug Company rug. That leather tufted sofa is amazing. I checked the pillows from Karen Hilton on Etsy and there really well-priced. Thanks for the great post Karen!

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

I misspelled there, meant to say their. I hate to spell wrong...Lynn

Jennifer Ramos said...

thanks nice of you to include my work in this post. LOVE anything Union Jack.

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

pve design said...

Bloody Brilliant designs, now that seat cover is what I'd call a Royal Flush!
Love it. You always have the coolest posts.

My Castle in Spain said...

Amazing selection !

I have a weakness for the pink cushions and the organic cotton one.

Great post!

SimplyGrove said...

This is such a fun look!!

Ursie B said...

Okay, you've gone and done it...I think I MUST have that pillow of the Queen! :)


Porchlight Interiors said...

Amazing post! Love the organic cushion and the "spice girl" chair.

London Calling said...

Great post. I've been digging that chesterfield for a while now. I feel like I just recieved a present. LOL

Jessica Claire said...

love the queen pillow and of course the rug compnay's's so rock'n'roll yet refined

vicki archer said...

This is lovely Karen - wouldn't our posts have looked great together! Thanks for stopping by French Essence, xv

jenny t said...

love the chair, so cool, ive just got a union jack duvet from so so cool

Anonymous said...

hiya love your post but though im british well scottish actually i wouldnt have any in my house it seems more of an english design to me not that ive got wall to wall tartan or anything but i dunno its weird just dont like it

chez said...

hmmm..all are nice. I love the rug more though

Connect The Dots

Anonymous said...

love the union jack seats covers, just purchased some union jack curtains from they look stunning


Sherilyn Evans said...

Just Come across this blog doing some design work. What a nice surprise to see my beloved dog Albert Minto next to his bed he was modelling on that day. It took my breath away when I saw him I had to bribe him with ham to sit still he was being a diva............... thanks so much its made my day.... I miss my grumpy lardy lump.

Anonymous said...

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