Monday, September 15, 2008

Au Revoir ~ Journey to Egypt and Jordan with Mom

Petra is among the New Seven Wonders of the World.
Made famous by the movie "Indiana Jones and the Last
Crusade" where the last part of the movie was filmed.

I am very excited to embark on this journey with my mom.
It will be good mother and daughter bonding time as we
share a passion in travel. Any kind of travel. Oh our lists
are very long of the places we'd like to travel. I think in
terms of sheer number of countries, my mom probably has
me beat by double. But I'm working on it!

I'm ashamed and proud at the same time say that my mom
would outlast me on just about any adventure. Proof of this
really showed in our last trip together on a white knuckled
3 week 4x4 trip from China into, and around Tibet. The tour
guide literally said, "What's wrong with you, you're huffing
and puffing and your mom is already up the hill without a
sweat or even labored breathing."

I never really stopped to think about the fact that most moms
do not backpack with their children. My mom has done this
on multiple occasions with me. She's a real trooper and she's
not afraid of bugs while I am maniacally afraid of cockroaches...
and leeches...beatles...spideres....I think you get the picture.

Did you know that they have a night tour of Petra?
I have no idea if this is what it looks like but I will
let you know soon enough!

Somewhere as remote as Petra still has a Marriott built near it.
If I can have rooms and views like this, I'll take it any day.

Amazing views.

Hopefully, at the team you are reading this - I will be blissfully
shopping and haggling away at one of these Egyptian bazaars.

I've always been obsessed with pouches, bags
and envelopes and I'm no different when it comes
to travel. These are a great pair of metallic
envelopes available at

A Giraffe looking passport cover by Lodis.

A metallic faux crocodile passport cover that
comes in gold and silver - also avilable from Lodis.

The passport cover on the left is by Kate Spade. I love how the
outside is metallic gold but the inside is magenta pink!
More colorful passport covers available from

I personally own this passport cover by Anya Hindmarch.
For me, you have to take the passport out of the cover
anyways to hand to the customs agent. I thought this
one was so cute. The color is actually a very pale gold.
And for your business cards, how about
this fun orange number from Lodis?

Don't forget to visit Material Girls for the awesome
Contest that is going on. All 3 prizes are gorgeous
lamps from none other than Swank Lighting. This
is one contest and give away definitely worth winning!
The grand prize gets a choice of the above lamps in any
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See you all in a couple of weeks!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Home Libraries and Decor for the Bibliophile

I am a total Bibliophile and no matter how many book
cases you give me, I can fill it up. I'm dedicating this
post to the home library. I absolutely adore the library
above. The curtain gives a nice pop of color and you
can draw the curtain if you want a nice clean "wall".

This room is from Apartment Therapy. I love
the color of the walls and the way the owners
opted for low book cases for a modern look.

Here's a great idea for the magazine lover.
Stack the magazines horizontally in neat

Tracy Garet's amazing home includes this
floor to ceiling, huge built in book case. It's
basically her wall and she hangs artwork
on it as well.

A more modern rendition of the home library. The tables
and chairs in the room make it feel like a true library.

Beautiful shelving in black with covered cabinets
below to store items. Love the nailheads on the door!

I thought this was an interesting built in book
case since it's built right up into the vaulted

Shelving with covered glass gives a more polished
and sophisticated look while protecting the books
from dust and other microbes.

Can you believe Karl Lagerfield's mountain of books?

I found this lovely photo from Ma Belle.
The extremely high ceilings really caught
my eye. I would LOve to have this kind
of library only...I'm afraid of heights...

A more traditional library or living room.
Proof that one can live without the TV!

I always thought bookshelves built around door frames
that spanned walls were a very clever use of space. It
also lends to a more eclectic look and homey look.

Another more traditional library at home.

And for all of you romantics, this is the home library
for you. Hope you've enjoyed the tour.

If you love books and libraries, this is my
recommendation available from Amazon.
It's truly a beautiful book filled with gorgeous
libraries around the world.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Colorful Inspiration for the Dining Room

Today, I'm in the mood for vivid and in your face color!
I always think of my friend Anne over at Annechovie
when it comes to bright colours as we share this love in
common. Make sure you stop by her site this week as
she's having a give away of her beautiful art work.

How about we start with this shiny orange dinette with
red accents around the room. Kind of hard to get the
blues in a room like this.

This boutique had an amazing dining set with
matching dishware so I had to include it in this
post. Isn't the round orange shag rug amazing?

Green and Pink has always been an attractive
combination for girls. And why not indeed, it's
the color of roses in a graden. Here it's done in
a modern and playful whay. I love the chrome
accents on the furniture. How about that
rainbow colored chandelier?

The vintage houseware and the word
BUTCHER across the top of the kitchen
really makes this kitchen a fun place.

Talk about someone who's not afraid
of color. What a gorgeous jade green
mirror paired with turquoise and warm
colors. It really makes a statement.

Bet you didn't imagine that Red and white could look
like this. The designer really did a great job in balancing
the bold color with whites to tone it down. The result
is no less dramatic and I adores the chandelier.

Found this lovely Turquoise dining room from
Erin's House of Turquoise. I love how the accent
color or deep rose/magenta offsets the richn

Who could ever forget Mary McDonald's design
of this fabulous green dining room. The wallpaper
is absolutely amazing.

A modern and glamorous dining room in light
hues of aquamarine and green. A very
soothing color.

For all of you turquoise blue lovers, Yes - you can have
an all turquoise dining room! The pop art on the wall
really pops off the walls for a fun and whimsical room.
What an awesome bird cage in the corner.

I really love this photo. It really shows how you can
take white walls and cover it with decorative items to liven
up the wall. In this case, it's taking plates as art to a whole
new level. The decorative detailing around the door frame
is simply divine.

I hope you've had some fun
color inspiration from this post.

A big thank you to Terri Sapienza a the Washington Post
for featuring this post as the pick of the week.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Art of Upholstery - L'Atelier du Cap Gris-Nez

I am honored to introduce you to my blogging
friend Pascale who lives in France. Her blog
L'Atelier du Cap Gris-Nez follows her work in
furniture upholstry. She follows the traditional
methods of upholstry and although her blog is in
French, pictures transcend works and it's true
that a picture is worth a thousand words. The
name of her atelier or studio is The Workshop of
Cape Gris-Nez.

I totally drooled over this plum chair!! Lacquered in
plum and velvet - I could squeal as it has all of my
favorite textures, finishes and color.

This headboard she made is to die for!

I totally want this for myself! Look at the fun colors and stripes!

The chair on the left is so fun with different patterns and the yellow chair
on the left would bring any traditional space a sense of warmth.

Bold stripes with stunning nail heads.

Her most recent creation is a sofa covered in Designer Guild
fabric. What a wonderul shade of turquoise!

Pascale really pours her heart and soul into her work and
you know that she is doing it out of love and passion for
what she does. Her motto is quality above all else and that
no detail is too small.

Aren't these miniature chairs the cutest thing ever?

Yummmm pink and chocolate stripes.

Another Designer's Guild fabric creation.

Isn't this the cutest pair of adult and child
chair one could imagine?

What's more fun than a red pineapple print!

Hope you've had some great inspiration from
Pascale's work and do visit her blog to see
her in action.

All photos from the blog of