Monday, September 1, 2008

Designer Tara Bernard's Posh London Home

Tara Bernard of Target Living London is fast becoming one
of my favorite designers. Her bold use of color and British
icons has totally captured me.

Above is Tara's bedroom and this post is about her totally posh
dig. Her and her husband bought a red brick mansion in West
London 5 years ago that used to be a Bank. The bank is 4 stories
tall and it's not a surprise that space is what attracted her with
2,000 sq. feet on the ground floor alone.

More of her fabulous bedroom.

I apologize I couldn't find larger photos but I still
wanted to share what her home looks like.

I totally love her blatant use of British icons like
the Union Jack, the Queen and other members
of the British royalty. Mixing it up with bold reds
and other colours make her home so interesting.

Here's a closer look at their ground floor where their
entertaining space is.

Can you believe the Red bull in the kitchen?

The juxtaposition of modern acrylic coloured chairs next
to very antique pieces is a lot of fun. She pairs them with
the perfect touch of sophistication.

Her wonderfully lacquered bathroom.

And here is Tara Bernard herself. She works with
Thomas Griem at Target Living which she is a
cofounder of.

I hope you've enjoyed her style as much as I have.
I'll definitely be posting a lot more of her work
down the road.

All photos from Target Living


T. Allen said...

Hi, I came across your site from Material Girls. I never heard of this designer but I love the pics. I love the rich colors and the how the white just pops. Thanks for sharing.

Tiaa A
Exclusively Yours Interior Design

M.Kate said...

argghh...everytime I see a beautiful home here..which is all the time anyway, makes me want to redecor...I need colours, love that bedroom!!

flow said...

thanks for the intro - she has a fantastic home and great sense of design.


K said...

I LOVE the black shelves around the bed. Gorgeous.

SimplyGrove said...

Lovely:) Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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Down Comforter said...

What a fun post!!

~In God we trust~ said...

wooow, i want my home with glass floor..