Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Romance of Canopy Beds

I've always loved canopied beds. I've always seen
them to be romantic, relaxing and cozy. I wanted
to start things off with one of my all time favorite
examples of a beautifully canopied bed.

Anouska Hempel's Corfu Suite in the Blakes hotel
has a particularly beautiful canopied bed.

Just looking at the inside of the bed makes me
want to sigh and take a nap.

Mary McDonald's beautiful master suite that
she designed is equally as devine. Look at the
too cute foot striped foot rest by the slipper chair.

Another McDonald designed bedroom with
serene creams and ivories.

I love how the pops or teal and peacock blue were
carefully placed in this beautiful room.

Here's a more modern version of the canopied bed by Hicks.

A bright and modern room becomes cozier
with fabrics draped across the top of the 4
poster bed.

There's something about canopied beds that
seem to add a sense of sophistication.

This half canopy is a really neat idea that
gives the same feeling as a full canopy, but
make the room still feel open and airy.

I don't know what child wouldn't love a
canopied bed, it gives such a sense of
security and comfort.

Canopied beds work really well in pairs as well.

Here's a bedroom with a totally different feel.
An inspiration from French origins from the very talented
Claudia at the Paris Apartment.

A gorgeously put together yellow, black and white
room with of course - a canopied bed. I also love
the touches of pattern the designer used - with the
damask window treatments and pineapple bedskirt.

Having a canopied bed is integral to Island style and living.
I suppose it started with mosquito netting but mosquitos
or not, the canopy has become a way of island life.


Things That Inspire said...

I was desperate for a canopy bed when I was a child, but alas, I never got one.

Beautiful examples, and lovely post!

Erin said...

What a great post!! I've always dreamed of having a canopy bed!! One day, one day!

flow said...

funny you post on canopy beds, i was thinking of doing a post on them today myself!

ed and i are looking to purchase a new bed and for some reason the canopy bed has been catching my eye!


SimplyGrove said...

I LOVE the peacock blue and teal room! This was a great post. Im doing a giveaway so I would love if you came on over and participated!!

Jessica @ The Love List said...

I was reading today that canopies came from people with thatched roofs - bugs and animals would crawl around in the beams of the ceiling and get droppings on people's bedding - so the canopy was born! Kinda gross, but cool!

T. Allen said...

I LOVE canopy beds! What an awesome post! Thanks for sharing.


katiedid said...

Nice round-up! I like that first one best too. So very pretty.

Alkemie said...

Thanks for all of the fun comments!

Jessica, it's funny that you brought that up because in England, it's exactly why they had hard wood canopy beds. The expression "Raining cats and dogs" came as such because of their thick thatched rooves, mice and cats could live up on or in the roof and things would inevitably fall through when it rained. So the wood canopied beds were definitely for protection. Funny isn't it?

Karen :)

Fifi Flowers said...

Extremely ROMANTIC! When I was a little girl I always wanted a canopy bed... now I'm a big girl and I still don't have one... hmmm

FancyPants-design said...

they are all so gorgeous!! What is it about canopy beds that are sooo romantic!! sigh..

Miss B. said...

This was AMAZING! I've had the Blake's image on my inspiration board forever, but now you have given me so much more. Thank you!

M.Kate said...

I LOVE canopy beds!!! though I dont have one but here's wishing I am on any one of those beds..even the kiddy one will do for me :D

Pascale said...

j'adore tous ces lits de rêve, on doit se sentir comme une princesse bien au chaud sous la couette !

coco+kelley said...

lovely little wrap up! i adore canopy beds ~ especially that one with the teal accents. they're so romantic and cozy...

Ana Carini said...

Hi there! Those canopy beds are beautiful! It reminds me a hotel I stayed in Bali years ago, the bed was simply gorgeous and the canopy makes you feel like a queen. I loved it!

Carolina Eclectic said...

I agree w/ you. Canopies are wonderful. They are so romantic.

cerrissa said...

i had a canopy bed as a child and absolutely loved it. i think i begged my parents for it because i was scared that the popcorn spray ceiling was made from foot prints of giant spiders that lived above the ceiling. what vivid imaginations 5 year olds have!

Becky said...

I loved your post on canopy beds.
We are renovating an old Victorian to hopefully become a B&B so you gave me many ideas. I love the teal one. I think it would look lovely in my
What do you think?

Down Comforter said...

Beautiful examples, and lovely post!
Thanks for sharing it.

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manno said...

wonderful post.... they are very pleasing to look at.....
for sure will arrange for a canopy bed as soon as possible in my ville...

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