Friday, October 3, 2008

Another Little Jean-Louis Deniot Parisian Pad

As many of you know, I am a huge Jean-Louis Deniot
fan and I thought I might leave you for the weekend
with another little Parisian pad to enjoy that he designed.

A group of wall hangings above a sofa
is always appealing.

His canopied beds are always spot on with
plenty of texture and graceful draping.

He is absolutely brilliant with muted colors.

A very warm and inviting hallway.

This chaise looks ultra comfy for reading.

Don't you live the black and white striped chair?
I also particularly love the rug with it's sparse
geometric pattern. When it comes to classiness
with style, you can't go wrong with Jean-Louis.

Have a great weekend! I'm going to slaving away
on those vacation photos so I can share them with
all of you.

All photos from Jean-Louis Deniot's site.


viera said...

this style is my absolute fave!!!!
Thank you for introducing him to me !!!!

Mélanie said...

Denio is one of the best , and above all he is an example for me

Visual Vamp said...

Oh so Parisian!
And you know I love a chaise and a stripe rug if you've seen my latest posts LOL
BTW I've added you to my blog roll! You're the best!
xo xo

M.Kate said...

Hello Karen, welcome back. You seemed to have gone for a long time and have you missed your a lot. I love the canopied bed!! everything else too...cant wait to see your trip's picture...load them up quick :D hugs


I really enjoy the wall colours that Jean-Louis Deniot uses in his projects. Always have the perfect balance of gray on them. Stunning!

Topsy Turvy said...

I think I need that black & white striped chair.


Suzy said...

Love it. Saw the updates to his site not so long ago...its always great for inspiration.

Diane Bergeron said...

Hi Karen,
Welcome Back, Missed your posts.
Love Jean-Louis, fabulously inspirational.

Krizia said...

If it helps you make a decision, your hair will always grow back :) Maybe you should give it a shot? I think a short angled cut like Victoria Beckham's would suit your face shape (I'm looking at the pic of you and your Mini Cooper :). I love your posts! The eye candy is awesome. I love picturing my future home and imagining filling it w/ fabulous and stylish furniture.

Cat said...

LOVE< LOVE LOVE, the perfect mix of modern and classic french. Thanks you!

Pascale said...

J'aime beaucoup ce style c'est très raffiné.


Down Comforter said...