Friday, October 24, 2008

Feast your Eyes on these Wonderful Cakes!

What would you think if you received a birthday
cake like this? Tiffanys? I think a big YES!

One of my friends had a birthday over the last
weekend and his wife is a cake and patisserie chef.
She made this beautiful chocolate mousse cake
with a wine bottle on top of the cake because my
friend loves wine.

I was totally fascinated to find that you can really
make a cake in any shape you want. I discovered this
amazing cake place in London called Michelle's Cakes.

Michelle Wibowo is really more of an artist. She
graduated with a degree in architecture no less but fell
in love with baking and went back to study baking science.

Michelle has made cakes for celebrities all over
London. A jet setting friend? Here's the perfect
cake for her.

A sporty gal perhaps?

Or for the men...

Fan of the Simpsons?

I love the rocks around the pond.
Isn't the hedge hog just too cute?

I don't know any girl who would
turn down a designer purse...

LV? Roll out the red carpet.

Even mom would be happy :)

For the shop-a-holic? Never fear. The English
have Marks & Spencer while we've got Bloomies.

How about a sweet gift box?

Diet Coke addict?

A Chocoholic...

The bibliophile or book lover.
I think this cake is terrific!

Someone's been naughty...

This one would be great for grandma.

But this one is even cuter!

I hope this has sparked your imagination
for the next birthday cake your make or

All photos from Michelle Cakes.


viera said... creative !!!

LindsB said...

WOW, those cakes are amazing!! I would LOVE to get one of those on my birthday! They are almost too cute to eat.

SimplyGrove said...

Wozer!!! How fun:)

corine @ hidden in france said...


M.Kate said...

What a cake!!! Happy weekend Karen :D

TheDecoDetective said...

Those are quite unbelievable and really, really lovely! But if I got one for my birthday, someone else would have to do the cutting for me... Have a great weekend!


Gina said...

wow these cakes are amazing!
Gina from Germany

Visual Vamp said...

An art form for sure...and so tasty!
xo xo xo

Tiaa said...

Amazing cakes! Michelle has a true gift!

Anonymous said...

These cakes are awesome!!!