Monday, October 13, 2008

HGTV's Find Your Style with Karen McAloon

HGTV's Find Your Style is one of my favourite shows
because of Karen McAloon's great talent of being able
to pull any room with any mix of styles and items together
based on the style choices of the home's owners.

She always starts by looking around the owner's home
to figure out the style of the couple and guides them on
making decitions about their room starting with
1.) Paint Color 2.) Wood 3.)Metal Finishes 4.) Color
of the Furnishings 5.) and an accent color.

She sends the couple off with a list for a shopping spree
with guidelines according to the 4-5 elements they choose.
When the owners come back, they are asked to put the
room together on their own. Karen then comes back to give
the owner options in furnishings and rugs letting the owners
choose what they like the best.

At the very end, Karen waves her wand and always pulls
the room together with all the different elements and
finishes the room beautifully. She is a very easy host to
listen to with her upbeat and open personality.

I particularly liked what she did with this bedroom/guestroom.
The transformation is quite dramatic with this as the before

Here is the finished room with a Murphy bed and a sitting
area. The space looks amazing compared to what it was

A very polished eclectic space.

The before photo in a San Francisco condo.

I really love the chairs and fabric she
pulled together for the room.

The room looks amazing and very sophisticated.
I am totally envious of those turquoise chairs.

Here's a more contemporary guest bedroom.

I love the bold reds in this space. The way she mixed
it in with neutrals makes the color palette not too

A very traditional room with brick red and golds.

An airy and contemporary bedroom.

I love the midcentury styled sofa. I really like the
fact that it is black as I don't see many black sofas.

A quintissential midcentury modern living room.
I so want that chocolate brown couch!

Great space planning for this living space.

Another sophiscated living area with a sitting area
by the fireplace (unseen in the photo.)

I love the robin's egg colored sofa.

And we finish with a very glamorous dining room with
dark chocolate walls and a group of mirrors to open
the space up.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour and Karen
McAloon's talent in pulling just about any
style or color combination together.


Willow Decor: said...

I love before and afters! I also love this show! She is super! Thanks for the great photos!

Visual Vamp said...

This is my favorite show on HGTV, and Karen is terrific!
These photos from HGTV don't do the rooms she designed justice.
They look much better on TV.
xo xo

Stacy said...

The before and after are great! I love to see how the rooms change.

p.s. I am starting a gift exchange for this holiday season and thought you might enjoy participating. You can get all the details at my blog, here

viera said...

Love before and after photos. Great ideas.

kay* said...

love the turquoise chairs that you have pictured - funny enough, i just missed out on four almost identical chairs on cragislist in pink! gotta get faster on craigslist :)

TheDecoDetective said...

Yay, turquoise and egg shell blues! I'm so into these blues now - I'm using them for a mini-makeover in my bedroom. I don't get to view this show in Norway - too bad, it looks great (but we've got lots of other "before and after" shows, fortunately). Thanks for another great post!

qerat said...

I like all the pictures
thanks for posting them

Down Comforter said...

Love before and after photos. Great ideas.

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