Friday, November 7, 2008

Amanda Nisbet's Colorful Bedrooms

Amanda Nisbet is a very prolific designer who
is based out of New York City. I absolutely adore
her bold use of color and her color combinations.
I love the color purple and I thought the bedroom
she designed for Jill Seelig (Editor of Oprah at
Home magazine) is one of the best purple
bedrooms I've seen for any girly girl.

Many of you probably recognized this bedroom
that Amanda designed for her daughter. I have
always been in love with that plum patent leather

I dare say that she has a knack for
designing bedrooms for girls.

I love the balloon shades she used here and the chairs
really add a touch of whimsy and quirkiness.

The huge bulletin board is brilliant for a young girl's room.

Many of her rooms have a soft elegance to them.

What a fun room!

I especially noticed the chandelier and the arm
chair she used for the desk. The chandelier is
beautiful and not everyone would think to pair
an arm chair with a desk, but it works.

In the same bedroom, here is a dresser in a
Greek Key motif and mirrors that I would die for!

I love the tufted headboard. Love the small end
tables as well. It's something a bit different. I suppose
it would also be great for someone who has an initial
of "G".

Did I mention how I love purple? I wonder
if that's why I love her designs so much. I've
seen brown and purple paired together before
but not these particular shades. It really works!

This is Amanda's own bedroom. I love how the
chair in the background really gives a pop of color.

The sitting area to her bedroom -
very easy on the eyes and relaxing.

Gotta love the Tree on the wall.

And a very relaxing room that reminds me of the Hamptons.

Hope you enjoyed this tour of Amanda Nisbet's bedrooms
and that it has given you some inspiration for your own rooms.

All photos from Oprah at Home


Redgate Studios said...

I love the combination of brown & purple too, it makes for a very sophisticated combination.

Bahraini Diva said...

Plum is every where nowadays - I love the leather chair in room 2 from the top.. do you have any idea where is it from? or who is the designer? I would love to add it to a project I'm working on.
by the way I recently blogged about Plum color too!! we share the same taste ;)

viera said...

What a great post!! Yes , plum, mauve,lilac and shades of pink are biggest things in design.
All her design are so beautiful. I think i like the green (!)touches the most.

Marnie said...

if purple is your color check out Paris Breakfasts post from Nov 5 and follow her thread to the other french blog that she writes about:

LindsB said...

OMG, its too funny you just posted this, I had pretty much this exact post ready for today...guess I put it on hold and post it later as a refresher. But, isnt her work just beautiful. I love her use of color in every room.

Nani said...

Must know where that chandelier is from!!! Do you know?

Visual Vamp said...

Just beautiful! Amanda is the queen of the girly girl bedroom!
xo xo

Song of Style said...

amanda truly is a girly girl!! love all of her rooms!! she sure knows wut colors complement each other. thank u so much for sharing these photos!

Ursie B said...

Some people just have it, right? Every single room just draws you in. She has such a sense of symmetry and a feeling for what will complete a room. Delightful.

SimplyGrove said...

Love ALL of her rooms!!! Gorgeous:)

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVELY rooms... I could sleep peacefully in all of them!
ENJOY the rest of your weekend!

vicki archer said...

wonderful bedrooms - all of them, especially the children's rooms.

Zelda said...

gorgious gorgious gorgious . I wish my 'area' loved simplicity

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Persian Tea said...

i pretty muched every single room featured in this post! ah.

Anonymous said...

im going to re decorate my room and I absolutly LOVE purple, so I decied on purple and black but it started to become to dark, the room you have that is purple and brown has really helped me for some new inspriation! thank you soooo much!

Anonymous said...

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