Monday, November 3, 2008

Amazing Photog Artist ~ Vanessa Ho

I want to introduce you to an amazing Photographic Artist
named Vanessa Ho. I first ran across Vanessa Ho's images
by accident on Flickr. I was so entranced by the moods
and artistry in her photos that I looked through every image
she had uploaded. As you look through more of her photos,
you will see what I mean by the moods and feelings her
images evoke.

I felt that this photo was fantastic in putting a modern
woman in a Cheongsam in a period setting. The colors
are amazing.

This was one of the first photos that really captured me.
It feels like an image from a story or movie.

A lady waiting for her guest to come for tea.
It's so beautifully done.

Black and white provocative fashion.

I thought this was such a cute image - very girly
with all pinks and just the legs and shoes.

Vanessa has two cats - she takes amazing photos of them!

Vanessa was kind enough to tell us a little bit about herself.

Likes (incl hobbies/Interest): Music, Singing, Dance, photography &
photo editing, movies, fashion, arts and crafts, home decor & design,
Football (Soccer).

Dislikes: Trance music, mushrooms, clowns, arrogance, people who
dislike cats. Favorite Holiday: anywhere with stunning landscapes, 'cos
we dont have that in Singapore.

Names of your pets: Charlie and Tabitha

I have no idea where Vanessa gets all of her
ideas but they are very unique giving her
images a very distinct flavour.

Even her travel photography is stunning.

A photo from her travels in Italy.

I asked Vanessa what her creative process is like to
create such vivid images full of moods and emotion.

Vanessa: When I look at an image, my mind starts to imagine a scene,
a story, or a mood. I just love that through photography & image
creation I am able to transport myself into a fantasy. Very often
my pictures look far from reality, but feels very real (to me at least)
in the emotions they convey. Music is huge part of my inspiration.
I hear music when i see an image, and vice versa.When it comes to
working on a picture, I look at an image and pick out the key things
that I want stand out to the viewer, intangible things as well as
visual stuff, which explains why i can spend hours (sometimes over
few day periods) just to get the light on specific areas of a picture to
my liking.

As for other techniques, I like to apply soft glow effects to
my pictures, as well as adding textures to give them an aged look at
times.I do have the tendency to go toward rich colors, not that i prefer
them, cos i'm really hoping to move toward desaturated tones, but I
just can't stop being inspired by the colors i see while im working
on pictures. My wardrobe is full of colors - that explains why. Even
my home too - warm jewel tones are my favorite :)

This image is titled "10 Minutes Late."

What's amazing is that most of her photos are taken
in her own home. By the time the photo is transformed,
it's as if the image has been sent to another time and place

A self portrait of Vanessa.

Vanessa's prints are available through
Image Kind or through her personal email:
All photos from Vanessa Ho's
collection on Flickr.


Pascale said...

Les photos de cette artiste sont splendides!!! Une jolie découverte.


Vanessa Ho said...

Thank you, Karen! :) i love the post!
Your blog is just fantastic <3! Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to be a small part of it. It's my great pleasure and honor :)

Fifi Flowers said...

GREAT photography! Without all these wonderful photos I would have nothing to paint. Love the post!


great photos,love them

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Vanessa also.

And I'm very pleased to have been introduced to this Blog also :)

Anonymous said...


iBlissful said...

I randomly came across Vanessa's photos on flickr, just now and a link in a description brought me here. Her photos are amazing and your blog is delightful!

Anonymous said...

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