Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BEMZ ~ The Official Source for Custom Ikea Slipcovers

Ever thought of how cool it would be if only you could
customize your Ikea sofa or chair? Well you can! With
any fabric you want. Bemz is a company from Sweden
that specializes in custom Ikea slipcovers. They have
a huge array of fabrics readily available. The sofa and
chairs above are absolutely gorgeous.
Prices run from $105 to $265 for an Ektorp chair cover.
Sewn to perfection, pricing varies based on the type of
fabric that is chosen. Turn around time is about 4 weeks.

Conversely, a 2 seater sofa starts around $185
while 3 seater sofas start around $205.

Let's talk styling already! Using bold prints on an
armchair is a great way to really liven up a room.

Conversely, you can take a solid colored chair
and really spruce it up like this Ikea chair owner
did. Very swedish with flowery throw pillows and
a soft white throw.

This very neutral sofa looks gorgeous with a
group of different colored and patterned pillows.

Here's what I call a young and fun pad to hang out in.

One clever bride decided to cover Ikea
sofas and chairs for an outdoor event.

This is a very relaxed cottage style
with a slight nautical theme.

This home owner did a great job matching her chartreuse
sofa to her wallpaper. It's certainly a welcome pop of color.

This is what a kid's play area ought to be
like. Lots of color, shapes and textures.

I adore what they did on the right side by covering all of the dining chairs
with different colors and patterns. The Right side shows how much fun
you can have mixing patterns and colors on the same chair. It still works!

The red and white striped stool totally pops in this room.

Left: The striped sofa is a great idea for a nursery.
Right: Whoever said white was boring, look what you
can do with a plain white chair.

Bemz also creates fun throw pillows which you can also
purchase on their site. Now I realize that Ikea furniture isn't
for everyone. But for college students, growing kids or those on
a budget ~ Ikea can be a wonderful resource. I personally love
some of their items and think some of their items provide great
value. Bemz creates a great way to spruce up or change up
your Ikea furniture. Hope you've been inspired.

All photos from Bemz.


Villa Anna said...

Outstanding post Karen! I plan on purchasing an Ektorp corner suite with fold out double bed for our rumpus/guestroom. I think they're a fabulous, afforable and stylish option. Custom slip covers is such an amazing bonus!

Anna :)

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the room with the white chair! So pretty!!!

Song of Style said...

just when I thought slipcovers were so 90's.......
the ones with prints are super gorgeous! seems very clever since it is easy to keep clean(just wash them! lol)

btw, the bomber jacekt is from Arden B. =)

Pigtown-Design said...

These really brighten up those ikea chairs!

[Christie from Bemz] said...

Wow! What a great post. Thank you for that. A few of those pictures are from our customers who have entered a competition we are holding. Pretty impressive stuff. Please go in and have a look and vote on the ones you like most ( or even send in an entry ( Tip - you can buy Ikea furniture without the slipcover if you're planning on getting one from Bemz. Saves on the total cost. Thanks again!

Zelda said...

I love the cat to ....

Because he is sleeping instead of destroying the sofa with his claw ;-)

Jan said...

Love this post - thanks for sharing !

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I adore Bemz!

Pascale said...

Tous ces sièges sont magnifiquement recouverts, j'aime beaucoup!


Anonymous said...


pinkstilettos said...

Wow! THanks for sharing. I am going to have to check this out. Daisy~

Anonymous said...

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