Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Colorful and Eclectic Designs of Wary Meyers

Last time I did a post on the design team of Wary Meyers,
I featured their home. I'm bringing you some of the interiors
they've designed for others this time. I really love their
eclectic style that borders on bohemian and artistic.

The daybed on the opposing wall is
custom made with geometric patterns.

I love how this pair of chairs are totally fuzzy.

I love the open shelving and the stenciled walls.

Here's a closer look at the stencils.

The paint job on the front door is wild!

Moving on to a really cool bedroom. The exposed
brick wall really sets the mood for the bedroom.

I love how bright colors were used on the rest of
the wall as a juxtaposition to the original brick wall.

The tablescape on top of the dresser.

The very colorful molding with a
Greek key motif is extremely creative.

This is the living room from the 1st photo of this post.
You won't find Wary Meyers using a lot of matchy matchy

The living room gives way to a very bright and colorful
room with a lot of character. Wary Meyers has a great
knack for doing really bright and modern moldings.

Here's a closer look at those colorful moldings.

I hope their sense of artistry and eclectic design
has inspired you to infuse some of your own
personality and color into your space.

All photos from Wary Meyers.


Ursie B said...

My heart skipped a beat when I saw those colorful moldings! oooooh...I think I'm going to have to do something like that.

SimplyGrove said...

Wow!! What a gorgeous space!!!!

Song of Style said...

i personally like the open shelves and stenciled walls!!!

Taddie Tales said...

Thank You to Craig Furgison for keeping me alive tonight!!!!

Thank you you for the beautiful post -


kay* said...

i love the spaces wary meyers create - i hadn't see that door photo before though...that's giving my ideas! i'm (fingers crossed) moving into my new apartment this weekend and may have to give that a try - i'll be sure to blog it if i do! thanks for sharing :)

katiedid said...

Fun space! I love the daybed and those moldings! The wheels are turing...when and where can I use that idea!

Mélanie said...

I love his wild work on the front door

Anonymous said...