Monday, November 17, 2008

A Lunch Date and A House by William Hefner

Over the weekend, we had unusually warm weather
for San Francisco. Can you believe we had weather
in the 70s in the middle of November. San Francisco
weather is always so unpredictable. I met up with
Aimee Song of the fashion blog Song of Style for the first
time. Aimee only started her blog a couple of weeks ago
and already has a major following.

I'm the short girl on the right. I had long straight hair
for about 10 years and recently chopped my hair and
permed it. It's so funny how a hair style can totally change
how a person looks and feels. I needed a change and am
really glad that I did it.

The girl has serious style. Aimee is an interior design student and so it
was really easy to talk to her about everything from design, fashion,
blogging to our personal lives.

Now on to design ^_^ William Hefner is an extremely
talented architect who is based in Los Angeles. This
is one of the houses he designed. I really love all of the
landscaping and greenery around the home. It makes it
look so homey and lived in.

I've always loved the idea of vines growing on the
wall of a home. It reminds of me cottages in Europe.

Although this house is decidedly more modern, I really
love the more traditional beams in the ceiling and the
gorgeous wood floors.

I rarely see such a large round table. It's something unique
rather than using your regular rectangular or oval tables.

This is such a lovely theater. My favorite are
the plush sofa seats and the beautiful wallpaper.

Now that is what I call a curtain call.

Love the chandelier and mirrors in conjunction
with the more organic wooden doors.

The venetian mirror makes for a nice detail,
but the carved out stone sink is a beauty.

This bathroom really has a spa like quality
to it with its brightness and airiness.

Photos from William Hefner


My Decor Style said...

What a great post! I looooove the carved out sink below the Venetian mirror. Fantastic! What a beautiful home. Thank you!

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Cote de Texas said...

i love love love your hair!!! it looks soo great! what does your bf think of it?


M.Kate said...

Karen :) You look great, esp the hair!!! I wouldn't have recognised you anywhere else. Sure sounds like a fun outing for you 2 gals...maybe we will meet one day, who knows hehe..I love the last picture, wowee..i want a bathroom just like THAT!!

Song of Style said...

the carvedout carrera marble sink is just amazing. it's crazy how they did that in a solid piece without breaking it!
Thanks for the shoutout!!!

Pascale said...

Superbe demeure!! Merci pour la visite.


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