Monday, November 10, 2008

More Color Inspiration from Amanda Nisbet ~ Living Rooms

I'm not quite done with Amanda's color inspirations yet.
This post is centered around the many different colorful
living rooms that she has designed.

I especially loved the colour palette she used for (Oprah at
Home editor) Jill Seelig's living room. Creams and black with
a very bright coral colour. It's brilliant.

The colour palette is carried into her study. I
really love the combination of her shiny coffee
table for a touch of glam. I also really favour
custom built-in shelves around a sofa just like the
one above. The small sconces are a really nice
touch as well.

Isn't this living room so much fun? One wouldn't
normally imagine that this many colours would look
so good but she really managed to pull it together
to look fantastic. It's a very cheerful living space.

This is the ultimate green and pink colour combination.
It looks so beautiful - but with maximum drama. I love it!

Blue for a bachelor? No problem. The shade
of blue she chose to lacquer the walls with has
just the right amount of life to it to bring vivre
to an otherwise dark room.

This is Amanda Nisbet's own living room. She
obviously has an affinity for colour. Jewel tones
are always so brilliant and vivid.

Green, gray and gold...not a common combination.
The green on the walls is so fresh that it brings a
unique energy to the room.

Amanda is versatile designer and also designs more neutral
and relaxing rooms such as this living room above. The colors
that she used above are more subtle but still noticable.

The green coffee table is an
unexpected but nice splash of color.

What I thought was interesting about this room was
actually the adjoining room. Did you notice the opening
to the brilliant green room in the far left hand corner?

Patterns are very fun when paired with solids.

I don't usually like yellows but this yellow gold hue
really has me sold. It totally brightens up the room
and energizes it.

I love how this well appointed living room opens up to
a beautiful study in the back. The striped banquette
gives the room a bit of edge.

And here's that lovely study with an ultra
comfy sofa with nailheads. I love furniture that
has nailhead detailing on it.

This blue sofa is super long! The artwork really goes with it.

I hope you've all enjoyed Amanda Nisbet's living rooms
as much as I have. Hope it has given you more colour

All photos from Amanda Nisbet Design
and Oprah at Home magazine.


M.Kate said...

Karen, I LOVE both that green room, its the colour I wanted for my study room. tks for sharing :D

Ursie B said...

That first room is utterly magical. So happy! I love love love Amanda Nisbet. Thanks for doing another post on her. She's spectacular. Oh, and the yellow room!


Erin said...

What a fabulous collection of images! The color is all so yummy! :)

Anonymous said...

Such pretty photos Karen! I love them all, especially the tufted sofa (photo number 1)


i love them all.I didnt know Amanda Nisbet, thank you for intoducing me to such a good designer.Love the colors.Great inspirations as usual..

Renee Finberg said...

the green and pink is wild .

the sofa in back of the green cocktail is the most gorgeous sofa. is the super narrow arms that makes it so elegant.

and the gold / yellow paint color ???
that is the color of my kitchen.
it's killer !!! i love it.

you have a very lovely site.

Fifi Flowers said...

Another great post... LOVE all the COLOUR!

viera said...

Great colour inspirations!

Song of Style said...

she is definitely not afraid to use color!! and the nuetral/yellow curtain room with an adjoining green room, at first i thought it was just an clever!!!
thank u so much for sharing all these lovely photos!!!!
btw, did u go to the food festival??

annechovie said...

Wow, Karen, I love Amanda's style! Anyone that uses a lot of color is usually a hit with me. Great post - thank you!

Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

great post!

Anonymous said...


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