Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Preston Lee Designs ~ A Brilliant & Sophisticated Designer

I don't know if any of you are watching Top Design, but
I am totally smitten with the designer Preston Lee
from this show.

Preston is a 27 year old designer who resides
in Los Angeles but is originally from Texas.
Can you believe that he opened his own design
firm at the age of 21 after working for 2 years
under Kenneth Brown. Incredible.

His designs are incredibly sophisticated, chic and sexy.
I love this outdoor space. Totally Chic but comfortable
and low to the ground.

This is such a cool living room and media center.

Here are the seats, it looks like a posh club!

He has a great aesthetic for modern sensibility and for
adding pops of color where they should be. His spaces
have a certain "Wow" factor to them.

The other side to the same living room.

This is the dining room from the same space.
I love the wood finish of the table.

This space definitely screams "bachelor".

It's got lots of character. Love the
checkered cowhide rug.

Now the long tassles on this chair -
that's a great twist.

He is also adept at designing spaces that
have a larger and grand scale to them.

He never forgets the fresh flowers.

"Phew! Is he hot or what?"

This week will be the finale of the contest Top Design.
Last week, he started by designing this room. I am
totally drooling over the bright orange bench. His
wall treatment of grass wallpaper in a harlequin pattern
is brilliant. Always brilliant with texture and sophistication,
I'm really routing for him to win. Incredible talent.

All photos from from
Preston Lee Design and Top Design.


Song of Style said...

Preston is talented indeed but I have my hopes for Nathan as the top designer...........
what happened to the fabulous final competition (where u design the whole loft/apartment like last season...???)

Puhvis Kukk said...

Finally! I am so tired of the bloggers who keep harping how great Eddie Ross is with his incessant whining, rude behavior and snide remarks. I think the top three have so much more to offer! Love the post!

Visual Vamp said...

I don't get BRAVO, so thanks for this digest of Preston's work. He is super hot, er I mean talented!!!!
xo xo

Fabulous Finds Studio said...

My teenage daughter and I love Top Design and Preston is our favorite designer on the show! I agree, his designs are very sexy and sophisticated and he always adds that little extra something that brings the room together. I think the finale will be tough, I really like the final 3 designers!
Have a fabulous day!

Anonymous said...

Great post, he is so talented!

M.Kate said...

what a young and talented designer. Karen, I am going to do a mini reno with the kids room, turning it into my work room, so I popped over and checked all the older posts for some inspiration. hope you are having a good week :D

Song of Style said...

did u watch yesterday's episode?????
it was awesome..just incase u haven't i wont spoil it for

viera said...

...and he is hot!

Anonymous said...


pinkstilettos said...

Oh my gosh- Is that the same guy from the top to the bottom. If so, he looks really hot in the 2an photo. He looks really good! Daisy~