Monday, December 22, 2008

Black, White and Gray ~ High Drama

Black and White has always been an infallible
design and color combination. It's always made
for high drama when juxtaposed together.

This entrance is so cool with the jet black walls,
white stair railings and shiny black flooring.
Talk about dramatic and making an entrance!

Not the entire house is purely black and white
although the same kind of drama does flow through
house. The ornate wardrobe really makes the drama
in this room.

Black and white in this room is used for the accents rather
than the main colors. Shades of gray and white are used

Shelves in the black and white living room.

I love the pop of color from the art piece in
the dining room.

The office adds in dark chocolate brown
for the floors. Never quite seen chocolate
used with gray. It's an interesting combination.

The cowhide covered chair really makes
a statement in the living space.

Hello Shaggy rug :) Looks really soft.
The writing on the walls are a lot of fun.

The unexpedted chandelier is a brilliant stroke in this
very modern black and white kitchen.

A peek into the backyard that has a lovely
dining space for outdoor dinners and living.

Hope this post has provided more inspiration
for all of you black and white lovers out there.

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these past posts of mine:

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All photos from House & Garden Australia.


Dallas Shaw said...

nice images


michelle said...

drama the way grey bridges black and white...nice post!

Visual Vamp said...

I love this!
It's soothing, sensual, and striking.
Great choice of photos, great captions.
Have lovely holiday season!
xo xo

TheDecoDetective said...

Nice! The colours are really lovely, of course, very stylish - and the arrangment of objects on the shelf and over the bed is particularly inspiring. I love displays like these!
Wishing you very Happy Holidays, Karen!

Cote de Texas said...

very beautiful!!!! love the entry sooo much!!!

Have a wonderful Christmas with Paul and your family!!!


Song of Style said...

are these all from one house?
By looking at the entrance i thoght it'd be a house with really high ceilings.
i looooove the entrance. it's so beautiful esp the shiny black floors.

dwellings and decor said...

What a lovely roundup! I love that armoire. So pretty!

Yours Truly said...

I love it! Its so chic!! Maegan said...

I'm so into dark gray wall right now ...I just wish I had a new master bedroom to paint and decorate

Things That Inspire said...

Wonderful post. My sister was just confessing that she is obsessed with gray these days, so I will forward this post to her so she can get a fix! Hope you had a great day.

Black on White said...

I like this post very much.
Black, White and hint of gray- I love it!

Lauren said...

That kitchen is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want an office like that. Too messy.

Forzest said...

I never knew that there could be something better to know about than from this piece of article. I shall have this forwarded to all my friends and even my dad, I am sure they too shall enjoy reading this piece.

Ramiro said...

I have really learned new things out of your blog post. Thank you

Greetings from Ceuta

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