Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Inspirations ~ Part II ~ Gifts and Stockings

I've always felt one the best part of Christmas was thinking
up creative ways to wrap a present and make it beautiful.
Ribbons and boxes make for a great way to wrap items that
have irregular shapes.

I thought this was a fantastic idea. You simply buy and
collect tea cups and saucers from garage sales, flea markets
and thrift stores and they can become great gifts for your
guests who come over for Christmas dinner party. The
teacups and saucers can make terrific tea light candle holders.

A great way to showcase your Christmas cards is to take a
frame and decorating it with ribbons. You can put the frames
on the wall and tie your cards to it.

Christmas lights aren't only for the tree or outside the
house. Tie some fun lights to the stair railing and light
it up at night - I promise it will give a magical glow.

Another fun way to liven up the stair case is to simply
tie cups with colorful candy in it. Using multiples of 3
is a good idea.

A great way to wrap great gifts and to go green is to use
newspapers and scrap string and scrap paper to wrap your
presents. The above showcases presents wrapped with
newspaper, left over string, doilies and more. It looks

Wrapping doesn't have to be fancy to look great. Here
are some very simple ideas above for some great looking

Now here are some examples of some fancier
gifts with beautiful ribbons and adornments used.

Now wrapping a gift in a clear plastic bag may not sound
like much, but if you add glittery ribbons, fun colors and
tags - the effect can be quite fun and pleasing.

Can't wrap a huge present? Put a big tag or bow on it!

This fireplace and chair look so cozy. I could definitely
snuggle up on this chair and open presents.

Can't wrap a plant? Place it in a box and decorate the box :)

I love the stacked wood in the fireplace.

Green is the new "in" color.

A cozy Jonathan Adler stocking.

Isn't this a fun and great way of hanging stockings by a
Christmas tree? All you have to do is find the right
size branch to white wash ^_^

I wanted to point out that Dwelling and Decor did a fabulous
post on Christmas Trees. Be sure to check her post out.

Stay tuned for Friday as we have even more holiday cheer.

All photos from Living etc and Dwelling and Decor.


LindsB said...

Wow, I am in LOVE with all those ideas! They are so cute, and different then the normal things you see out there. I think I am going to have to take some to use myself :)

Southern living at its best... said...

WOW, what beautiful and fun ideas!


Very inspirational ideas and great concepts to wrap those little presents in a new and innovative way.


columnist said...

Years ago, when I couldn't afford it, I used pages of discarded magazines, (such as glossy adverts) to wrap presents, and had quite forgotten about it. But how "green" was that, before being "green" took on a whole new importance?

michelle said...

so many great ideas here. I love the presents on the stairs!

dwellings and decor said...

Thank you so much for the mention and I love all your inspiration!

Ursie B said...

love the velvet chairs & velvet chaise...yummy!!!

annechovie said...

Wow, Karen! I am loving these ideas. Talk about eye candy! Hope you have a terrific week!

Mike said...

Did you make those Christmas stockings yourself?