Friday, December 12, 2008

Clontarf Castle Hotel in Dublin, Ireland

As one that's obsessed with travel, I subscribe to all of the
discount travel newsletters. I found a killer deal for a trip
to Dublin. I imagine the rates have really come down for
two reasons:

1.) No one likes to go to Ireland in the Winter
2.) The dire state of the economy

I live in San Francisco and it's unheard of to pay $1600
total including taxes for round trip tickets from SFO to
Dublin AND 6 nights hotel at the Clontarf Castle Hotel in
Dublin. That's only $800 per person for a round trip
ticket from SFO to Dublin and 6 nights at a 4 star hotel.
I priced this out on Orbitz in a package deal.

Anyways, there are huge deals out there in terms of travel.
If you live in New York city or Boston, Iceland is totally on
sale because of their financial meltdown as well. Their money
has devalued by almost half.

The point is, I couldn't believe what a good deal this lovely
hotel is and wanted to share photos of the hotel with you all.

Their lounge is so fun in oranges, reds and fuscias.

Get a load of the ultra fun sofas! Maybe not the most
comfortable to lounge on - but it certainly makes a

Here's a more traditional sofa upholstered in fuscia pink.

The lounge is appropriately called the "Indigo Lounge."

Here's a suite. They somehow made the room look
modern and clean despite the heavy traditional furniture.

I adore the huge gilt mirror and the
chocolage brown chair with nailheads.

Here's the living area of the suites.

Can't afford a suite? That's ok, the Executive
Four poster room is very nice too.

And a double which has a very modern feel to it for a castle.

Champagne to celebrate?

Even their conference halls are very classy and well appointed.

I absolutely love the A vault ceiling and the beams.
It shows the original architecture of the castle.

I love how they used golden yellow with
black in the annex of the restaurant.

How is he for your doorman? It's also the
perfect place for a Christmas dinner.

Even if you're not traveling for the holidays,
it's not a bad idea to look for deals for next
year. Have a great weekend!

All photos from Clontarf Castle website.


TheDecoDetective said...

Dear Karen,

Thank you so much for linking to me! I appreciate it a lot. The timing was great, I needed some cheering up after getting THE most disgusting comment yesterday. I got so mad that I've written a blog post about it... So you've saved my day=)

viera said...

Great place ! Thanks for the tip.
Have a relaxing weekend

Anonymous said...

Could you please list some of the discount travel newsletters you subscribe to? My boyfriend and I are planning a vacation and also I love reading about traveling. Thank you.

Cote de Texas said...

Let's go! you can bring Paul too :)

Song of Style said...

the hotel is gorgeous karen.
love the interior and the every single details they put into it.
thank you for the beautiful pictures!


That is a great deal and really cool place. Thanks for the tip :)

Anonymous said...

That hotel is absolutely beautiful. I love that sofa!!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Karen!

LindsB said...

My favorite room is the A vault ceiling room, it is just stunning!

Alkemie said...

Thanks for all the wonderful coments!

Joni - Let's GO to Ireland :):)

Anonymous - I subscribe to a great many but will list some of the main ones.

Budget Travel (magazine with newsletter - every month they have top 40 deals.)

Travel Zoo, Sherman's Travel, Vacations to Go (for cruises), Gate 1 Travel

If you have a specific area or country you're looking to go, I could offer more specific information. My email address is:


Karen O.

Pascale said...

Je craque complètement pour le sofa rose!!!


kkonmymind said...

I was in Dublin last January. It was a bit drizzly and cold, but I had a really good time. All the more reason to hang out in the cozy pubs!! I loved it. And that does sound like a really good deal.

Anonymous said...

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