Monday, December 15, 2008

Color My World - Color Inspiration for Your Home

I absolutely adore color. The living space above is so vivid
and alive with color. I love the way the designer chose a yellow
colored flooring to contrast with the walls. The tufted sofa is to
die for!

The library is done up in wood so it is more
subdued. However, it is a rich blend of books,
colors and rugs.

The pops of yellow seem to
follow throughtout the house.

What a bright and cheery stairway.

The bedroom has shocking color of almost neon orange.
Super energetic. Not for everyone...I know. But fun
for inspiration never the less.

The master bath is more reasonable
subdued in black and white.

If you are also a fan of color, I absolutely
recommend this book. I adore this book
with different examples of use and color
from different designers. The cover of
the book is actually Jamie Drake's guest
room in his own home.


Ursie B said...

Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Yes, this is a must have book for us color fiends. :)


Beautiful Living said...

Love the livingroom! The bedroom is not my cup of tea however... But being a color fan, this book is definitly a must for me. Thanks! :)

Alex said...

Great popping colors...reminds me of Tricia Guild, but so much bolder!

Visual Vamp said...

You know I love color! I'll check out this book.
xo xo

njm said...

What beautiful colors! I wish I had a knack for design. Unfortunately, I don't.


I think my resolution for next year will be to have more use of colour in my own projects.

Very inspiring entry !

LindsB said...

I love that mirror in the first picture!

Anonymous said...

I love the turquoise, it reminds me of Ivanka Trump's apartment.

maison21 said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the living room, and love that crazy wall color in the bedroom. i am an absolute fiend for bright, saturated colors and try to convince my clients to always go for color, beige is boring.

Topsy Turvy said...

That is some great color, although Jamie Drake's guest room seems subdued compared to the rest.


Amy said...

Before my fiance and I moved to NC, while I was in college, my room was a beautiful orange. The shocking color above. It always kept me revved for late night study sessions. Pretty!!

Anonymous said...

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