Wednesday, December 10, 2008

House & Garden Australia's Top Room Inspirations of 2008

I was visiting My Notting Hill's blog when I saw her post about
her top 3 rooms from Australia's House & Garden Top Rooms
of 2008. I took a jaunt to the site and found some fabulous
inspiration. Instead of doing a Top 3, I'm showing some rooms
that I particularly enjoyed from these 50 rooms.

How about the lovely green color in this polished living room?

Loved the wallpaper with the shaggy cream rug.
It's a simple yet fun brown and cream room.

I love how eclectic this room is with chairs
from all different eras and books galore.

The set of 4 coral seats really caught my eye.
Seating for 8 in the living room anyone?
Make for a great conversational area.

Modern with fun accents.

You can't really go wrong with black and white.
But you can go wrong with how you balance
the two very contrasting colors. The gray walls
give a very nice neutral backdrop.

Gorgeous living room -
comfortable yet well appointed.

Don't you wish your bedroom was this spacious and
luxurious? The dark walls really give it a cozier feeling.

Every girl's dream of a romantic bedroom.
The shutters on the window are so cute!

I love how this room opens right onto
the deck. You gotta love outdoor living.

The green glass on the kitchen wall
really pops. The color is so refreshing.

I've always been enamored with open planning.
Since I'm a book lover, if I had a two story wall
of book shelves - I would feel like I died and went
to heaven.

This is the ultimate in outdoor living. There really aren't any
walls separating the living space from the outdoors. I'm so

Hope you've enjoyed this little tour.

All photos from House & Garden Australia.


M.Kate said...

As usual..every room is so inspirational..I'll dream of having one of those :)

Sharon said...

Both wallpapers are awesome prints!and yeah..outdoor living *sigh* ;)
love this post:)

Ursie B said...

The last one is Divine. Can you imagine living there? Pure bliss, I bet!

Cote de Texas said...

great choices! i LOVE that magazine!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the wallpaper in the first photos. All are wonderful! Hope all is well. Thanks for the sweet comment.


Southern living at its best... said...

I love the first room! The color scheme is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

thanks for stopping by! :)

i absolutely LOVE that second room. that all brown theme is hardly stuffy - it's so fun & sophisticated!

La C.

Brianna said...

The last one would be terrible during mosquito season.

Anonymous said...

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