Thursday, January 31, 2008

Girl Meets Glamour ~ Chairs & London Calling...

I just came back and am quite enjoying catching up on all of the posts. I had to interject with these two posts that Girl Meets Glamour did that I think are so fun!

Chippendale Chairs and Sources.
I think Chippendale Chairs are classic. They'll never go out of style.

London Calling.
The Union Jack is just plain fun!

Back from my Cruise! The Ports ~

Today I'm showing the ports that I visited on my cruise. I visited ports in Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. I've a photo or two of every port I visited. It's been pouring and cold here in San Fran and going to warm weather made me realize how much I missed the sunshine. I moved to San Francisco about a year ago. Prior to that, I lived about an hour away in Silicon Valley which is much warmer. Mark Twain has quoted that he thought San Francisco has among the coldest summers in any city. I've found that I had to replace all of my summer clothing with fall clothes for the summer. Anywho, come with me and take a look at where I was last week.

St. Thomas has an amazingly beautiful deep water part. The cruise ships can dock o
right up against the island. Cruise liner ships extend 26 feet or more beneath the
surface. The cruise ship in the back is a Disney ship. It was soo cool to hear the ship
toot its horn and play the Disney theme before sailing off.

Another look at the port of St. Thomas. St. Thomas has really great
duty free shopping. Perfumes, jewelry, liquor, you name it.
Most especially diamonds!! Gotta be into the bling.

No visit is complete to San Juan without a visit to the largest
Bacardi factory in the world :) My favorite is the Bacardi
coconut flavored rum. Yum Yum...

The Dominican Republic has beautiful rain forests and beaches.

I particularly liked the colors of this Tapas and Bar.

This is a replica of a church in the Dominican Republic.

Many famous people have vacation homes in Dominican Republic such as
Oscar de LaRenta. I took a photo of this home while we were sailing away.
Massive...and a gorgeous spot.

Haiti has some pretty amazing beaches. Nothing like a barbeque
on the beach. Going to Haiti from the Dominican Republic is interesting
because it's actually two separate halves of the same island - yet the
two different halves are very different.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back from my Cruise! The Boat.

I'm Back!! Many thanks to Felicity from All Things Bright and Beautiful who made some guest posts for me while I was away. The rest of this week, I'll be posting bits from trip. Today I wanted to show some photos of the ship that I was on. I took a 7 day cruise in the Caribbean on Celebrity Cruise line.

I think this is about my 8th cruise. My parents started taking us when we were young and the habit never died ;) Cruising is a great way to be pampered and leisurely travel. Great for headache and a relatively details free vacation because everything is planned for you and you can choose to do whatever you want while you're on the ship. I slept in every day and ordered in tea and room service every day ^_^ Meals are all inclusive on cruises including the room service, it's what I LIVE for on these cruises. Celebrity has really great service which is one of the reasons I prefer this line.

There are many other lines out there that are great as well. I've personally been on Norwegian Cruise Lines, Carnival, Celebrity, Princess, Royal Caribbean, and a smaller Greek liner in the Mediterranean. If any of you are thinking to plan a cruise and have questions about cruises or any of these lines, feel free to email me! I highly recommend cruises for a relaxing vacation - great for singles, couples, and families.

I was on the Millenium on Celebrity Cruise Lines.

We booked a balcony stateroom.

Sofa and balcony area. It's hard to see from here, but I
specifically booked a balcony room that had 1/3 more space
than the average balcony and you pay nothing extra. The
way you do this is look at the ship/deck plans when you book
and request the specific stateroom that has this extra deck
space. A great trick that many travel agents use to get a bit
more bang for the buck so to speak.

And the lovely balcony. Nothing like enjoying tea and
reading a book while enjoying the views and feeling the
sea breezes out here.

Balcony staterooms usually come with complimentary
champaigne and fresh fruit every day. I, for one, am
not complaining.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Grace of the HanBok

As you know I am rather a fan of Korean Han boks and I know that the lovely Alkemie is too. So for you (and her) - and I couldn' t resist showing these gorgeous images of actress Song Hye-kyo taken by Paolo Roversi for June 2007 Korean Vogue above and by photographer Gun Ho Lee also for Korean Vogue below.

The traditional woman's han bok consists of a (short jacket with long sleeves) with 2 long ribbons worn over a full length, high waisted wrap around skirt or on this case a type of strapless empire line dress. The han bok is worn with cute flat boat shaped shoes made of silk and long white cotton socks. They are usually worn during Korean weddings tho they can still be seen worn by ladies walking around Seoul.

Images 1 - 4 courtesy Korean Vogue June 2007
Photographer:Paolo Roversi Source: Popsoeul

Images 5 - 9 courtesy Vogue Korea unknown issue
Photographer: Gun-Ho Lee. Source: JeongA at Flickr

Monday, January 28, 2008

Swirls and light

I'm loving this background screen by British designer Jona Hoad Design. Jona is most famous for his illuminart and bespoke lighting for residential and commercial interiors.
I'm looking at his work and I'm thinking "Is he using laser cut metal over a colour filtered background light or what?"

What he actually uses is an embossed acrylic cover with LED technology lighting behind it.

Now here's a little bit of physics for you - which is probably WAY to much for you if you're doing a power surf through blogland to say a quick hello.

But for those of you who have the time and inclination LED is basically is a Light Emitting semiconductor Diode that can emit different colours of light (depending on the element added to it) without having to have a colour filter over it that traditional lighting requires. (Now that is as simple as I can explain it with out sounding like an electrophysicist!!!)

Below is some of his work in the Vanilla Bar in the UK which really shows off the LED and Jona's designs well.

All images courtesy Jona Hoad Design

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm a big girl now !

Donatella!!! You've come a long way baby!
Here's Versace's latest collection straight from the Spring 2008 runways (Thank you to This Is Glamorous for reminding us that it was all happening there in Paris!!).
Donatella'c current collection is a far cry form the days when she first took over the Versace empire. There is little in the form of pattern or embellishment typical of the youthful rocker chic Versace that we have become familiar with. Instead this collection of a mere 15 dresses presented in her atelier by appointment only has a focus on cut, drape and fabric.

Love it Donatella!!

We're all growing up with you :-)

All photos courtesy

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

El Canasta

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has recently designed a range of beautiful woven outdoor furniture in cool neutrals perfect for that summer evening with a BBQ, cocktails and oodles of good friends. I know for most of us that's still a few months away - but it's just a little prompt to get you thinking about the indoor bicycle, leg wax and fake tan :-)

If you're interested in this Canasta collection, Patricia has also designed sun lounges and tables along similar lines. Canasta (Spanish for basket) can be found in B&B Italia’s Outdoor Collection. The cushions are made from weather fast fabrics to minimise fading.
See and read more about Patricia's work here.

All images and more courtesy Dezeen

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Elegance in the Deep South

Hello! Alkemie's having a lovely break and has kindly invited me (All Things Bright and Beautiful) over to guest blog for her for the week :-)

So here's my first post for the week on Fleur de Paris .......

Now you would expect Fleur de Paris to be in, well, Paris ................ but actually it's located in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans!

Joe Parrino, Sr. opened Fleur de Paris in 1980 as a custom millinery and couture boutique with a focus on special occasions, such as weddings, balls, luncheons, Kentucky Derby, Royal Ascot and ..............the Academy Awards!!! Jo and his son design couture clothing and let the customer keep the pattern of their garment that was made for them (now you don't get that happening very often!!) They also specialise in cocktail and race wear millinery and stock beautiful accessories such as purses, scarves jewellery and lingerie amongst other things.

It is the shop for the romantic, decadent, elegant retro, feminine lady and ..................
I think we could all fit into that category one way or another!!!

All images courtesy Fleur de Paris
The Scoop

Friday, January 18, 2008

~ Bon Voyage ~

I am off on a cruise in the Caribbean. I'm quite excited as I'll be visiting some islands I've never been. The itinerary includes San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Dominican Republic, and Haiti over the course of 7 days. During the time I will be gone, I've invited Felicity from All Things Bright and Beautiful to do some guest posts while I am away, so stay tuned!

My itinerary :-)

And I couldn't resist showing you these fabulous leather Passport covers.
Pretty in Pink ;) I do actually have one of these myself.
They're available from Vera Bradley.

The ship I will be boarding --->
Celebrity Cruise Line's Millenium

I will be back soon!