Friday, August 29, 2008

The Hotel Daniel Paris ~ A Charming Boutique Hotel

The Hotel Daniel is located off the Champs Elysées at the
crossroads of fashion boutiques, art galleries and glamorous
nights. It's a beautiful boutique hotel offering rooms with
beautiful decor and a cozy setting.

The facade of the building is absolutely gorgeous.

The lobby is just as stunning with a blend of
French, Chinoise, and a mix of the old and new.

Another look at the gorgeous lobby.

Their choice in chairs is absolutely perfect opting for a
very tasteful eclectic mix. I think this room has a beautiful
colour palette with cleverly mixed in Moroccan pieces.

A stunning tufted arm chair with floor to ceiling
drapes make for sumptiously appointed room.

This is obviously one of the top floors with the slanted ceiling.

The bathroom is cleverly worked in.

This is the before picture.

Not a lot has changed but notice the added matching
drapes on the slanted windows. It's a very nice touch.

Many of their rooms have Moroccan desks and tables.

This room is more traditional in Red Toile.

And a rendition of the toile in Grey.

What a gorgeous living space in a suite. I don't know about
you but I find this boutique hotel to be quite charming
as Paris always is.

All photos from The Hotel Daniel in Paris.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Naked Decor ~ Supon's Wonderful Pop art Home

I'm sure you've seen his pillows before. I'm talking about
the pillows of the Union Jack and the Queen's silhouette
in the photo above. The designer behind the store and brand
Naked Decor is Thai born US based Supon Phornirunlit.
We'll just call him Supon to make things easier before I
completely slaughter his last name. His home really caught
my eye and so I thought to share a short tour of his home
with his cute dogs.

Isn't this bedroom just wonderfully colorful? The dark
walls tone it down a bit and give it just the right amount
of drama.

A closer look at his living room with the lovely
midcentury styled sofa and arm chairs.

French doors open from the living room into his office.
I love the oval white lacquered table. It's an unusual
shape for a table but I quite like it.

A view from the front.

A guest bedroom in black and white.

I adore glass tile and he chose a really gorgeous
irridescent pearl color for the bathroom.

His dining room with his own Chairman Mao
wall hangings - available from Naked Decor.

In true Thai style with a modern twist,
his outdoor living space is sensational.

And here are those famous Queen and Union Jack pillows.
I must say that it's an absolutely brilliant design.

The Union Jack pillows come in different colors. He also
offers the Tower Bridge as a very classic design.

More Chairman Mao pillows.

Isn't this pillow cute?

His wall hangings are available for $150 USD per set of 2.

And his pillows average from $49 - $75 which I
think is a reasnable price for his ultra fun designs.
I leave you with a quote from Supon about design.

Good design is like a good outfit: It has to fit you well.
-Supon Phornirunlit

All photos from Naked Decor.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Fabulous St. Regis ~ Singapore

The very first St. Regis in Southeast Asia opened in Singapore
on December 27, 2008. The fresh decor and luxury residences
certainly do not disappoint. I am totally in love with the designs
of their suites and rooms. The rooms are eclectic, luxurious and
colorful in a very tasteful way.

This is probably one of the few hotels that actually have suites
designed in a style that I could actually live in as a home. Take
a look at the gorgeous living space above in a wonderfully soothing
but energetic green with pops of color through the room.

The Presidential Suite does not disappoint with a beautifully
appointed balcony as well as indoor space. Rich accents,
furnishings and an eclectic mix of furniture make it actually
feel like a luxurios home rather than a hotel suite. I'd live
in a place like that any day!

The presidential suite includes an over the top glamorous
dining area with mirrored finishes and crystal galore.

A bathroom just as luxurious to go with the
Presidential suite. The view is to die for.

For those who like a more fresh and modern style,
the Metropolitan suite is the perfect choice.

Their deluxe suites are just as eye catching with red tufted
sofas, drapes and chrome finished lamp shades.

For a smaller room with more relaxing and muted details,
an executive King room is the perfect choice. Look at the
huge windows!

A full clawfoot bathtub to boot.

Astor Bar in the hotel offers a great place
and ambiance to sit for a drinks or two.

La Brezza offers a more relaxed place to have breakfast.

I just love how they use mismatched chairs in this
formal dining area. Mismatched yet no less luxurious
or divine.

A very dramatic restaurant with beautiful furnishings.

What is not to like? Love the tufted high backed seats
and the mirrored walls give such a glamorous effect.

I don't know about you but St. Regis Singapore is
definitely on my short list of dream hotels to stay at.

All photos from St Regis Singapore.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Glamorous Hong Kong Design Duo ~ One Plus Partnership

One Plus Partnership in Hong Kong is a very up and
coming interior design firm founded by the duo Virginia
Lung and Law Ling Kit.

Their flair for drama and glamorous furnishings have
really caught my eye. I love the very bold colors
and finishes they use.

This design here is out of this world. Floor to ceiling
mosaic tiles in a circular frame that opens up to the
bed creates a more airy feeling. I've lived in some
really tight spaces but this kind of design would make
any tight space inspiring!

I really wish I had larger versions of these photos to
share with you. I am especially in awe of the bottom
left dining area. An entire wall in tufted padding and
floor to ceiling mirrored finishes. I wonder what they
used to achieve that mirrored finish. It's very glam
and absolutely stunning.

A little more from that circular
tiled bathroom and lounging area.
What a truly unique design.

The here is the duo that is the
creative force behind the firm.

All photos from the Interior

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Baccarat House in Moscow ~ Phillipe Starck

And here we are at the Baccarat House in Moscow.
Can you believe how decadent and sultry the bathroom
alone looks? Abosutely gorgeous. This place is also
designed by Phillipe Starck.

Baccarat began in 1764 when a glassworks company was
founded in the small village of Baccarat in Lorraine. After more
than 240 years, Baccarat has become the world leader in the
luxury crystal market. They were the official crystal maker
to past French Kings and other royal families in Europe
including the Russian Czars.

The facade of the building looks just as
impressive and grand.

The red carpet treatment indeed is rolled
out for all who visit any house of Baccarat.

A grand staircase with beautiful lamp posts and lighting.

A gargantuan chandelier graces a huge room.

The boutique looks stunning in all grays,
mirrored surfaces and chrome. It's so
sleek and chic. Love it!

It's really neat how the surface of this wardrobe
reflects and shows the chandelier behind. Yowzers!
How the heck do they make something so beautiful!

A darker reflective room as a contrast to
the silver and chrome room before. Reminds
me of a very sleek and modern Gothic styled

The color palette matches their
latest advertisements - also in
black and white.

I rather liked this advertisement by Baccarat as well.

And this is the reason why Baccarat crystal
is world renowned. It certainly cost a pretty
penny as well.

Didn't realize that Baccarat sold some items of furnishings.
I wouldn't dare ask how much a table like this would cost.
Probably a mortgage...

Certainly on my list to visit whenever I get to Moscow.

All photos from Baccarat.