Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fun and Colorful - Commodes, Chest of Drawers, Dressers...

Sometimes, taking a very ordinary commode or chest
of drawers and painting a lively and colorful pattern on
it can really make a statement piece.

I especially love this dresser that's made
to look like a postcard or love letter.

Photo via the Paris Apartment

This hot pink French styled commode
screams luxury with a modern twist.

From Horchows

You could use any number of color combinations
to make a striped chest and it would look great.

Here's another example of a striped chest of
drawers - this time in timeless black and white.

For all of you turquoise lovers.

Who says that polk-a-dots are juvenile?
I love the energy of the orange on this piece.

This one is whimsical yet classy. Perfect for
a game room or a fun children's bedroom.


iva yaneva said...

These are all lovely! It's interesting how the colour or pattern can change so much the whole piece. It's great you shared these, as I am currently trying to come up with an idea for something like that :) thanks!

Marnie said...

fun - you find such great photos -

Beautiful Living said...

Awesome post! I've been preparing our buffet for what seems ages. Hopefully I'll be able to buy paint tomorrow or Friday... YAY! Your post had me thinking though... Maybe I should do something like the black/white chest of drawers instead of all the stripes in the same size? Or maybe I should do one with same sized stripes and the other with different sizes?

Things That Inspire said...

I have a weakness for commodes, chest of drawers, and dressers in all forms. In fact, my mother in law commented that I need to start branching into different types of furniture because I have so many commodes in my own house! I find them to be great for looks, and also great for storage.

I love these whimsical examples! My favorite is the last one, even though I am not a card player. I think it is so well done.

Ty said...

I love the first commode and the turquoise commode. The last commode would be perfect for a Vegas home. What great pieces they would make to any place.

Sharon said...

I am finding the "alice in wonderland commode" extremely classy, elegant and chic, whimsical at its best!!Great post

Visual Vamp said...

What a fun collection you gathered together for us to look at!
I was walking on Magazine Street yesterday and I saw a blue chest painted with a toile Chinoiserie. It was fabulous. I'll have to go back and get a photo for you!
Please go to my blog and leave me a message on one of the Obama posts.
I'm using those posts as my archive and scrapbook, a memory poem to the day, and I would so much love if you would be a part of it.
xo xo

Erin said...

What a great post!!! Of course, I'm partial to the turquoise one! ;)

Anonymous said...

I want the pink one...and of course the turquoise one!

corine said...

aha, that first one sure caught my eye. What a fun selection.

Black on White said...

These chest of drawers differs a lot from the skandinavian line we have here.
Not bad at all. Orange one might be my favourite. Thank you for sharing these pictures!

Serialstyler said...

What a cheerful post! My favourite has to be the turquoise one. It is a timeless design but the colour gives it a trendy edge, love it. It's a shame second hand queen anne furniture is so hard to get in OZ...

Jan said...

Nice selection K but did a double take here - in the UK we would think of a commode as something not so pleasant !
Damn those common language differences :)

Miss Kris said...

Hi! These commodes are so beautiful and whimsy! Love them all especially the postcard one and I love how you described it as perhaps a love letter, so sweet! Great for an early valentines.

Lovely! ~Miss Kris~

M.Kate said...

Karen, the 2nd drawers had so much it. Anyway..Happy Chinese New Year, gong xi fa cai..not sure if you celebrate it :D

maison21 said...

think pink! (by far my fave)

TheDecoDetective said...

The Nella Vitrina ones are great, aren't they? The shape of the black and white striped one is echoed in the Coke bottle in the photo - such cool styling... I like the love letter a lot also!
Thanks for your comments on my blog!

Yoli said...

As a lover of all things black and white you know which is my favorite but that one that you have which reminds me as well of a love letter, is just adorable!

dwellings and decor said...

Oh these are way fun. So unique and I don't think I have seen any of them. Cool post!

Song of Style said...

the second dress is sooo adorable! i think that's my fav!

Mélanie said...

I love all these drawers , but I particularly like the one with hearts on it

Syana said...

I personally prefer the 2nd and 3rd one, they're good ideas for DIY projects

Anonymous said...

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Dagny @ Beautiful Living said...

Karen, I just finished mine! It's more muted than these ones, but I really love the result. You can check it out here:


Anonymous said...

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