Friday, January 30, 2009

Inspirational, Colorful and Mouthwatering CupCakes !

Well...I just can't resist beautiful photos of desserts, cakes
and food in general. Today's post is on cupcakes that are
also eye candy. Food and candy also make for great color
inspirations. How about this pink spread of cupcakes?
It's a great idea for Valentine's day or to modify it for a
girl's birthday party.

These handmade cupcakes have a really organic and
natural look to them. They are so beautiful!

Photo by Victoria Pearson

Instead of giving chocolates, why not give
a dozen miniature cupcakes?

Super Mario Brother Cupcakes = Super Fun!

These cupcakes remind me of the Care Bears. I
loved watching the cartoon when I was little.

Japanese character cupcakes. You have to hand it to
the Japanese for being the ultimate in creativity when
it comes to creating cute characters. They even have
a comic based on a white radish - to top it off, they actually
came up with a story line for the white radish character
that is totally funny. I will have to introduce you to this
radish character.

Oooooh. Mint chocolate cupcakes...

I totally did a double-take when I saw these cupcakes.
Talk about confusing the mind. I don't know about you,
but cupcakes are sweet. When I look at a cheeseburger,
I think salty and greasy. But I have to admit, it is a very
creative and way cool idea.

by Alan Richardson and Karen Tack

Fun cupcake recipes for all sorts of occasions.
Extremely popular cupcake book!

Crazy About Cupcakes
by Krystina Castella

Lots of different fun designs for Cupcakes.

by Shelly Kaldulski

This book has easy instructions and beautiful photos.

Truly delectable creations for every day, for special occasions
and for sharing with friends, with 100 ideas shown step-by-step
and more than 400 beautiful photographs

by Carol Pastor

This book is new and coming out February 25, 2009.
Tons of ideas and photos. It's available for pre-order
through Amazon.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Photos from Amazon and We Heart it.


vicki archer said...

These cup cakes, all of them, look totally delicious and so pretty - could take a bite into one of those pink ones right now! xv

Beautiful Living said...

Oh!!! I want a mint chocolate one!

Margarita said...

Gorgeous pictures!!!!
I didn't know what a cupcake was till I came to live in London, now I love them and I wish I could eat them all.
These sample are very cute!!!

pinkstilettos said...

You I can never resist a cupcake especially when they look this yummy! These are great! Have a nice weekend. Daisy~

pinkstilettos said...
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LindsB said...

They are all so beautiful, I was about to say too beautiful to eat, but then I thought about how they would taste and I would not be able to resist. I love the little hamburger ones, they are so cute!


oohhh my goddd,i wanna eat all....

Shini said...

there's certainly a cupcake art :P there's nothing more pleasing than buying a pretty looking cupcake! (but the insides better taste as good as it is pretty!)

Newburgh Restoration said...

Seeing some new ideas I hadn't seen before. Thanks.

Yoli said...

My sweet Karen how could you do this to me??!!! I am so not sticking to my diet today. I WANT THOSE JAPANESE CUPCAKES!!!!

Pigtown-Design said...

They all look delish! You're making me hungry!!!

dwellings and decor said...

These look yummy. I considered using them for my wedding. Thanks for all the resources and inspiration!

Zelda said...

deaaar I'm in an industrial area in hte meddle of the desert and nothing around , an now ! I NEED AN EMERGENCY CUPCAKE !! WHAT AM I GONNA DO !!!

gina said...

I love cupcakes and I love to make them. The Japanese character are too adorable to eat. Your first pic would be great for Pink Saturday post @ how sweet the sound. I participated today it was my first.

Pascale said...

Me revoilà après avoir été en vacance,j'ai pris un réel plaisir à découvrir tous les nouveaux articles que tu as mis sur ton blog pendant mes congés.

Syana said...

the japanese character cupcakes are soo adorable! I'm going to try and make them in Polymer clay, hope it works!

Jennifer Lee said...

very cute!
i'm a huge cupcake fan :)

Maggie May said...

this is what my daughter Lola and I did for xmas gifts!! so beautiful and fun.

Black on White said...

Looks so delicious!
It's not difficult to guess what to bake next weekend.
Have a nice week!


Today I have a cupcake at Starbucks but I must say it was pretty lame in comparison with the ones posted in this entry.

splendid said...


Anonymous said...

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