Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Rad Pad for a Professional Skater ~ Designed by Jay Jeffers

I've got another design fixation, this time on designer
Jay Jeffers of San Francisco. I'd seen this particular
home he designed in a past issue of Instyle Home

Here's Jay Jeffers putting some
finishing touches on a console.
I just love red consoles.

Jay Jeffers designed this LA house for professional
skater Reese Forbes and his wife Shawn. Isn't that
interesting? You'd think that Reese was a woman's
name and that Shawn would be the guy's name.

They wanted an updated version of Palm
Beach style living and Palm Springs.

Isn't the wallpaper wacky?

I really like the upholstered curling bench.

Their living room is definitely a blend of that
Palm Beach era with a modernistic feel.

Lucite with natural wood, that's an interesting combination.

You can tell by the fireplace that the house is
definitely from the mid-century era of architecture.

What is a rad pad without a bar area?

You can definitely see Palm Beach living in these living
room chairs. The desk in the back reborn as a console
is quite traditional. The blue paint really transforms it
to fit in this living room.

The coat of arms is quite eclectic and very cool.

Here's the backyard pool. It's neat that part
of the house juts out. As with all of my design
fixations, more to come on Jay Jeffers later.

All photos from Jay Jeffers Design Group.


dwellings and decor said...

Great house! I love his mix of patterns. You can tell there was a lot of thought put into this rad pad.

Beautiful Living said...

Very cool.. I love the use of color!

Black on White said...

After looking all the pictures through, I can't get the black&white-wallpaper out of my head. It was very interesting!

Jennifer Lee said...

there's a lot going on but all the pieces, colors, textures and shapes just merge effortlessly! great images.

Annie Empiric said...

I tore this article from last years Domino and still reference it for color inspiration when lacquering new pieces. There is something about their home that is so cheery it makes their whole life seem enviable.
Happy New Year!

christian barnard landscape studio said...

Brilliant work! As a former skater turned creator I really dig this pro's pad, well done and great post.

Ursie B said...

love the 2 white chairs with the sheepskin rug. now THAT's Rad! :)

annechovie said...

Very cool wallpaper! Makes a statement. Great post, Karen. Hope you have a terrific weekend!

Annie Empiric said...

I have been looking through my Domino's and realizing it must have been featured in one of my many other design mag crush's but none the less it makes me happy!! I am going to post a link to it here tomorrow. Thanks!

Syana said...

Love the wallpaper!

Abigail Bukai said...
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