Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Romantic French Style Bedrooms

The French have earned their famous and
romantic style with their sense of culture
and aesthetics. I wanted to focus on some
French styled rooms for this post. All of the
rooms are not entirely French in style but
rather have elements in the room that give
the rooms a distinct French flair.

Guilt mirrors - very French and very glam.

The above caned, French armchair is
among my favorite styles of chairs.
It is very versatile and can be used
almost anywhere.

This children's room is so airy and light. It's
got sort of a rustic French flair to it. The white
makes it very romantic and ethereal.

Another children's bedroom. I just love the
simplicity of the room and the colors.

What French room is without frills?

This bedroom is just so dreamy.
It's got style and character to boot.

If you like the French country style,
this is a good example.

Sage green can be a very soothing color.

I love the exposed beams with the
quintessential French bed and furniture.

The open beams and the flooring (long wide
planks of wood) are really beautiful in this room.

How about this eclectic room with a
rococo headboard and vintage items.

French Home

If you like French style or decor,
here are some of my recommendations
to start with. There are many more
beautiful French design books but these
three are great starters.

The New French Decor: Living with Timeless Objects
by Michele Lalande (Author), Gilles Trillard (Photographer)

The French-Inspired Home
with French General

French General is a store in Los Angeles
that is opened by a bonafide Francophile.
This book has a lot of fun and small inspirations
around the home including some small DIY
projects to put a French flair in your home.

Decor photos from Country Living.


vicki archer said...

Gorgeous rooms - all of them, but especially the first. xv

TheYoupiTouch said...

I'm French, living in France, and I've rarelly seen such kinds of rooms in real houses ;-)
Nevertheless, this is an interesting style : "American view of French style"

Anonymous said...

I *love* the vintage distressed child's bed, but the lawyer in my brain immediately yelled "But the kids will get their head stuck!". See why it doesn't pay to go to law school?

*very* cool post. I am always wondering how to do French the right way without overdoing it, and these touches are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I *love* the vintage distressed child's bed, but the lawyer in my brain immediately yelled "But the kids will get their head stuck!". See why it doesn't pay to go to law school?

*very* cool post. I am always wondering how to do French the right way without overdoing it, and these touches are awesome.

Erin said...

These rooms are all so romantic and dreamy! LOVE them!

gina said...

The fifth pic is my favorite. I love the tonal Damask wallpaper and the bedskirt and the headboard. I am having a headboard made like this one but real tall.

dwellings and decor said...

Beautiful post full of so many inspiration photos. The french inspired home is one of my favorite books. I find myself always drawn back to it for ideas.

annechovie said...

Hi Karen! I nominated you here:

iva yaneva said...

I love the french country style! I am trying to turn my new home into something like this :)
The colours are really lovely and I like the vintage feel to all this :) The rooms are so warm and light. Thank you for sharing :)

carrie @ said...

just love them!

Mélanie said...

wonderful rooms and very interesting books.In the 1st photo , for me the mirror in the of the bed looks rare .

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I am in the planning stages of redecorating my guest room. What a perfect post!

vintagelaundress said...

Beautiful! I love the eclectic room with vintage pieces.

Home By Virginia said...

Sooooo many beautiful pictures...!!! :)


The gilded mirror in the first picture is stunning!

tania said...

I really love the deamy sleeping room, It's si romantic !

time-worn interiors said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
time-worn interiors said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
time-worn interiors said...

It is so funny seeing my bedroom on someone's blog! I am the eclectic one with the Rococo headboard! Glad you liked it!

Anonymous said...

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Venetian Blinds said...

Yet again some lovely pictures on this type of style. The French certainly know how to make their surroundings glamorous.

Love the colors in the child's bedroom.

Out There Interiors said...

Wow, I love French furniture, and the pictures you have shown are gorgeous. So French country and romantic, I love it!

mid century furniture said...

French-style bedrooms do bring about a sense of romanticism.

research paper order said...

so pretty!
I feels romantic sense from any detail of interior!

Anonymous said...

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Elitewritings said...

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Aurora said...

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Larry Morales said...

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kimhampton said...

French bedroom designs are very adorable. I like French interiors at all. They are very elegant. Moreover, I am dreaming of buying a French furniture for my company office. One day my dream will come true.