Monday, January 26, 2009

Thom Filicia - A Queer Eye for Dressing My Nest

This is Thom Filicia's Living room. He's since redecorated
since but I've always felt that it was really neat to use a
glass wall to separate his living space from his bedroom.
Ever since seeing his talent and gorgeous rooms in Queer
Eye for the Straight Guy, I've been a fan of his. He now has
his own show called Dress My Nest.

Thom has a really versatile style and a very refined
sense of design that I really admire and appreciate.

He has a gorgeous canopied bed in his bedroom.

And a very polished bachelor's bathroom.

He has a really classy way of bringing the
eclectic, the functional and the luxe together.

He also has a great way of bringing color together.

I really loved this make-over he did on
Dress My Nest. Can you believe the before
versus the after which looks like an incredibly
chic and glamorous space?

Thom Filicia also gave Guiliana Rancic (from
E! News) a makeover for her living room.

More examples of the wonderful make
overs that Thom has done for so many.

I especially loved this makeover which has a very Palm Beach
style and feel. The stripes, the headboard, and the very comfortable
lounge chair in the corner totally made me drool over this room.
It would be like living in a Palm Beach vacation room permanently.
Doesn't that sound great?

This pad became dramatic, modern and super chic.

Thom Filicia Style: Inspired Ideas for
Creating Rooms You'll Love

If you like Thom's creative rooms, you'll
really like his book. His book shows his
own Soho flat as well as many examples
of rooms he's made over for many of his
clients throughout the years. It's not
expensive and I found many inspirations
in his book so I think it's a great value.

All photos from Thom Filicia's
site and


vicki archer said...

Great before and afters - looks like a wonderful book, xv.

Miss Kris said...

Hi Karen~

I love his use of natural materials. The soft naturals mixed with the gray palette are my favourites. Lovely. ~Miss Kris~

Anonymous said...

can you please post something about closets/wardrobes...walk-ins...etc

Anonymous said...

can you please post something about closets/wardrobes...walk-ins...etc

Yoli said...

This is lovely, he is so grossly talented.

michelle said...

He is an amazing talent! I'll be looking for his book.

Song of Style said...

i love the before and afters.
and i love his bedroom(the canopy!!!) and his super sexy bathroom! i wish i had a bathroom like that..

anyways, karen, hope u have a wonderful week and see u on Wednesday =)

Gina said...

I like the red kitchen.

Gina from Germany

Anonymous said...

I love Thom! He has such great ideas!!! Your ideas are just as fantastic. I posted some of the photos of the demolition in my bedroom....I need some Karen guidance :)

kay* said...

oooh i LOVE thom - he's one of my 5 for sure.

i have this book and it's great! tons of great inspiration/tips and interiors...

Anonymous said...

WOW! The glass separating the living room from the bedroom is awesome and quite unique. I also like the glass in the bathroom. Definitely male, but I like it.

Mélanie said...

I love this before-after game !every project looks great after

Porchlight Interiors said...

Great before and afters - I just had to go to Amazon and buy it! I can't resist a good design book! Tracey xx


I got this book as a Xmas present and I have to say it is quite funny - I really enjoyed Thom's comments. Great ideas and really fearless approach to design which I really like.

maicher said...


Anonymous said...

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