Friday, February 27, 2009

Perspective Photography - Part II

A little while ago, I did a post on fun photographs that
showed how simply framing a photograph can give vastly
different perspectives. Here are some more that I think
are fun.

I'm positive this photo was not set up or posed for.
The woman is in mid-stride. What a clever photo.

I know I've taken my share of silly photos but I never
thought to take one like this. It's quite funny.

This one is really well done. The fingers look positively
gargantuan compared to the lady's head. The woman's
expression is perfect for this photo.

What is that bird poop for the eyes?

So instead of birds resting on the electrical wires, it's planes
resting on electrical wires...It took me a moment to realize
what this photo was capturing.

Perfect spot, perfect moment.

This one is so funny. The man's expression
happens to look so grumpy - it's absolutely
perfect for the photo.

#1 indeed.

I wonder how this photo was taken.
Her fingers are nearly touching the
lens and she's obviously in motion.
Very cool.

Ok, not quite as clever but still fun.

I really liked this one with the clouds being blown out of
the statue's trumpet. Such a beautiful blue sky too.

I just thought this picture was so cute. It's not
every day you get kicked in the arse by a mannequin.

Do you have any photos like this? Here's one of mine from
a while ago in Taipei. I'm not very creative about these sort
of photos so my friend helped me to stage this one. As for
the outfit, not sure what I was thinking - a newsboy?

Happy Friday everyone.

Photos from Interesno.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Romantic and Gorgeous New Orleans Home

When I saw this photo, I totally fell in love! It's so romantic
and simply beautiful. It's the sort of dining room I would love
for myself. The rest of the house certainly did not disappoint.
House Beautiful showcased this home from New Orleans.

The designer used beautiful shades of purple
and aquamarine for the home. Isn't this such
a gorgeous hallway? Very romantic and totally
Luxe with the pooling draperies and Venetian
style mirror.

The living area certainly does not disappoint
with a gorgeous chandelier and traditional
wing chairs.

I never thought to pair a mauve-like lilac color
with aquamarine. It looks absolutely wonderful.

What a gorgeous writing desk in the living area.

A pink and green little sitting area. The pink
and gold rug is so gorgeous!

Original elements from the house including
this fireplace mantel were preserved and
lend a lot of character and history to the

Teal? Turquoise? Aqua? Whatever shade you want to call it,
it's lovely. A brilliant way to make a monochromatic room.

A unique look from the mirror
at the same bedroom.

All the furniture pieces in this room
seem to be turquoise as well.

The designer left the original wallpaper up
to give the kitchen some character. It definitely
does that!

The chairs in the dining room are brilliant.
Each one of them are a different image.

I hope this home has brought you inspiration
as it has to me. I never realized how much I
love romantic rooms until more recently.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Closet Inspirations and Organization

A little while back, I got a request to post about closets.
I decided to leave out celebrity closets for another post
since there have been a lot on that topic.

Above is one of my dream closets. The owner incorporated
the bath and the closet together. I always wanted to be to
incorporate the two although space was always an issue...

It's totally gorgeous!

This is a super cool closet with black lacquered
finishes, glass and a chandelier to top it off.

The owner of this closet is part of a 2 person design team
from Arizona of Bella Designs. She was inspired by French
design and included antique hardware for her finishes.

I found this photo from a showcase on a gorgeous house
that Joni from Cote de Texas blogged about. Wouldn't
we all love to have such a spacious closet?

This was a showcase closet designed for Hollywood Life's
Young Hollywood Dream Closet.

Laura Canattos open closet (photo from Flickr.) She did
a fantastic job of organizing her closet and hanging her
clothes by color. She was clever about space and hung her
bags on hooks on the wall.

This mirror is one of the coolest things I've
ever seen. Bella Designs (from above) bought
this for one of her clients.

It swings open to reveal a huge jewelry
storage space. I totally need one of these.

Photo from A Life of Style

Here's a super organized closet.

I'm a total real estate stalker. I love looking at
homes for sale constantly. I saw this home where
the owner had turned an entire room into her
closet. Love her shoes! Though I'm not sure
how the house will sell with one of the rooms
as a closet unless she can find another fashionista!

Here's a great man closet. House Beautiful
had asked readers to send in photos of their
closets. Very organized and a great use of
a tiny space.

Photo from House Beautiful

It's an interesting idea to incorporate a writing
desk into a closet. I suppose it is a cozy space

Now there's a really clever use of space -
cutting out drywall and using the space
in the walls itself as a shoe storage space.

Photo from Flickr - BonBon Bebe

For all of you mommies with young kids,
isn't this a gorgeous closet for a child?
Super organized with all of the toys below.

Here's a closer look. Using bins for shoes is
a great idea.

Last but not least is another dreamy closet with a bright
window and mirrors. It's really rare to have such a large
window in a closet - I think it's fantastic.

Shop Your Closet: The Ultimate Guide to
Organizing Your Closet With Style

I don't know about you, but one of my New Year's
Resolutions for 2009 was to organize my clothing
and shoes which have an inordinate amount of.
Whenever I start any projects, I always start by
buying a book or two for inspiration to get myself
started. Here's my pick and what I ordered in case
any of you are also looking at organizing your closets.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Allure and Mystery of Silhouettes

I've always loved silhouettes. Whether it be in
a cut out, a cameo brooch or a photograph. I've
always found the shapes alluring and mysterious
since silhouettes only show profiles or outlines.

I love the cut out silhouettes above - especially
the ones with plaid in frames. It's a really fun

Silhouettes in a lovely inspiration board.

A series of framed furniture silhouettes
can be very elegant in a group.

This is a unique silhouette near the hem
of a woman's pants.

I love this grouping of silhouettes on the wall.

Cameos and silhouettes as jewelry are just
as lovely.

You can't really go wrong with a pink and
black combination for color. What fun fabric!

Wallpaper with silhouettes galore. I totally
want Barbara Barry's chair silhouettes.

Many silhouettes are only busts but there are some really
neat silhouettes above that are of a whole person or people

Barbara Barry chair silhouette plates with more traditional
silhouette plates.

The silhouette of a woman is cleverly placed
on the back of this chair.

What do you think of silhouettes? Do you like
them or hate them?

All photos from Country Living.