Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jay Jeffers' Scrumptious San Francisco Pad

Okay now, Who wouldn't love this bedroom and combination?
It's a room wrapped up in chocolate and raspberry ribbons!
I love this master bedroom. It belongs to none other than my
latest design crush - Jay Jeffers. This is actually Jay Jeffers'
San Francisco home.

He simply plotted out the lines and thumb-tacked
the ribbons into place around the room.

And of course, he found the perfect
color fabric to go with his ribbons.

I love his choice of furniture and palette for this small
sitting area. I can never resist tufted furniture.

The eclectic room is tied together with neutral
colors with a pop of color on the wall.

Here's a look at his more expansive living area.

It seems so simple but Jeffers really
has a knack for blending colors together.

A look from the dining through to the sitting area.

It makes a dynamite space for dinner parties.

Hope you've enjoyed the tour of Jay Jeffers' San Francisco pad.

All photos from Jay Jeffers site.


Marnie said...

interesting how the images from the dining room wall panels are used again in the sitting room frame - bedroom colors remind me of a delicious chocolate - just noticed more of the circle theme on the bedroom wall

DesignTies said...

Sleeping in that bedroom would be like sleeping in a box of chocolates!! Talk about sweet dreams!! :-) Love the brown, pink, and orange combo -- it's so warm and cheery :-)

I really like the window treatment in the sitting area, and the white chairs. They look so intricate, but nice and welcoming next to the big windows :-)

The wide crown molding in the LR is fantastic -- really gives the room a grand feeling.

Thanks so much for posting this -- I'm going to go check out Jay Jeffers' web site right now :-)

Kelly (one half of DesignTies)

Visual Vamp said...

That was tasty!
We have the same wall color in common.
Love that crazy oversize lattice pattern.
xo xo

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful home, and a gorgeous view.

Serialstyler said...

What great colour & shape combo's. Love it, especially the bedroom. Gret mix of the mundane & the vibrant!

Tina said...

lovely rooms, the pinks & browns are so gorgeous in that bedroom!

ps, your blog is so fabulous, wish i found it earlier! :)

christian barnard landscape studio said...

I have to meet this Jay Jeffers chap.

Zelda said...

There is some colors that you realy have difficulties with . I would never go for it , but I have to admit that designer almost change my mind , and that is very interesting feeling

Anonymous said...

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TheDecoDetective said...

The ribbons are a really cool low-budget makeover idea! Looks like he loves dots as well =)


all of them are greattt,greattt,greatttt.thank you

intelligence said...


Sarah Jane Reilly said...

i love it!!! i used to work for him years ago in san francisco! love his style, thanks for sharing - it's a blast from the past.