Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Jewel in North Beach San Francisco - Another Jay Jeffers Design

Since my latest Design Crush is Jay Jeffers, I'm bringing
more of his designs to share with you. I love how this flat
in San Francisco is colorful, well designed and relaxed at
the same time.

The candy striped pillows are a nice pop
of color to the chairs in the room.

I love how colorful the wall illustrations are.

The living room has really nice plants and
accent pillows against a neutral beige palette.

Love the lucite base to the coffee table. I adore
lucite and have a lucite coffee table myself.

Here's more lucite (the legs of the desk).

I love how relaxed this room is with the fluffy
white bedding and a hint of pink and brown.

This has got to be one of the best looking nurseries I've seen.
Jay Jeffers only wallpapered one wall so the pattern wouldn't
be overwhelming to the eyes. He used a soft brown to pair with
the baby pink. It's clever that he only painted the ceiling baby
pink with accents in the room to bring the palette together.
I'm really loving this nursery.

All photos from Jay Jeffers.


j u s t i m a g i n e said...

that is one fabulous nursery....I'm jealous !!!!

catalina said...

Is a wonderfull house.Like you said very relaxed, put together also.

Miss Kris said...

Hi Karen~

I love this nursery, my favourite part is the lovely ceiling. The pretty scalloped edge with the soft shade of pink inside. pretty!!!

~Miss Kris~

Jennifer Lee said...

Jay Jeffers designs are just so fun yet classic :)

DesignTies said...

I really like that he uses so much colour -- it's nice to see that :-) The bright pink accents in the bedroom are so fresh and pretty.

I'm a big fan of painted ceilings -- the pink ceiling in the nursery is just perfect :-) The pink looks wonderful paired with the soft cocoa brown.

I REALLY like the desk with the lucite legs -- very cool!!

Kelly @ DesignTies


baby room is so cuteeeee :))

viera said...

Again, great work from MR.Jeffers.!

annechovie said...

Very smart! I love that skirted console tabl especially. You always have such eye candy, Karen! Always perks me up to visit your blog.

qerat said...

A true gem
Lovely style