Friday, February 13, 2009

Red Inspiration for Valentine's Day

In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I would have a post
full of red rooms and red items. The room is so fun! It's
a great room for a teenager - one with pizzaz and polish.

Did you know that the way Valentine's Day is celebrated
in Japan is not the same as we do here. On Valentine's Day,
the girls are supposed to give the guys chocolates. If they
really fancy the guy, they'll hand make the chocolate treats.
Exactly one month later is what is called "White Day." On White
Day (March 14) is when the guys will give chocolates to the girls.

The Koreans take it a step further by having what is called
"Black Day" on April 14th where all the people who received
no chocolates get together to commiserate by eating black
noodles together. Isn't that hilarious? I love their sense of
humor. Now a friend once asked me, does anyone actually
admit that they did not receive any chocolates?

I love this bedroom with twin beds. The coverlets on the
beds really make a statement along with the matching
poufs or benches at the foot of the bed.

I don't know if this is a guestroom or a children's
room. Either way it's beautifully appointed.

Anouska Hempel's design in the Blake Hotel in Amsterdamn.

Very few people paint their children's room in red.
This example shows that it is quite a viable color
for a children's room and very nice.

Here are some of my picks for more RED inspiration
around the house. A whistling RED kettle.

A Passion Red tea pot!

Perhaps a rose red microsuede comforter.

A fun RED bulb.

Hanami Red Pillow from Amazon.

How about a red damask shower
curtain for $22.

A Ruby Red Blender.

I have a neighbor who loves whimsical
and funny items. She purchased these
coat hooks that look like knife blades going
into the wall. This knife block set reminds
me of those hooks - and of course it's Red.

Here's a handsome KitchenAid set
of red gadgets.

Here's a super red and super cute
Cuisinart toaster.

For the business woman who wants some pizazz,
this is a great tote or laptop bag to carry around.

Here's a scrumptious patent leather red
tote. I love the look of patent leather.

A sweet clutch with a Red bow for valentines.

The quilted look and pattern is in at
the moment. Here's a lovely purse
in red by Ghibli - an Italian company
that specializes in genuine leather

And a final red room for inspiration. I hope you all have a
wonderful and romantic Valentine's Day! It's a 3 day
weekend for most of us - Yippee!


Marnie said...

did you hear about the study done about the colors red and blue - if you work with a red background you tend to be more accurate and if you work with a blue background you tend to be more creative - here is the link to the article in the nyt last week

Marnie said...
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Black on White said...

How nice photos you have chosen.
A Red Passion tea pot is so cute. I want it!
Happy Valentine's Day, Karen!


Deanne said...

That knife stand is pretty darn cute!

Erin said...

What a great collection! I love red so much...always come back to it. I love all the products you shared too! So fun! :)

Alkemie said...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I read the article about color in the New York Times and that is indeed very interesting.

Isn't the knife block hilarious?

I do love red :)

Visual Vamp said...

Love all of this red!!!!!
Happy V Day!
xo xo

J.Covington*Design said...

You've put a snazzy collection of images together - just loved the Knife Block...killed me.

Pascale said...

Rouge passion! Belle idée de faire un billet sur cette couleur pour la saint Valentin.


vicki archer said...

Love your red choices, happy Valentine's Day. xv

bARE-eYED sUN said...

luv dat RED!

the red knife block is fun, fun, fun . . . though if i date a woman that owns one of these i'll have second thoughts . . . brrrrrrrrr! :-0


Shelly Beson said...

Love the knife block!! My dad was building a cabin and putting carpet in and the sales person said not to pick red because it would over excite the children. Really?

Yoli said...

Happy Valentine's Day sweet Karen!


Great collection of photos. I really enjoyed some of the rooms.

Miss Kris said...

I love your red post! I really love White Day!:) Happy belated Valentine's Day!

Jennifer Lee said...

Haha... Asians will find anything to celebrate :) Black Day is apparently really fun in Korea :)

Love the red images - hope you had a great vday Karen!


Serialstyler said...

I have had my eye on that knife block for ages, they also have toothpick holders in the 'voodoo' style. Gotta love it!!

Syana said...

aaah I love the red quilted bag bag!

Mike said...

I can't get enough of red. I want my house like this one to be all red. Red is a beautiful color.

Anonymous said...

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