Monday, March 30, 2009

Color Therapy & Color Inspiration

I've always felt that Color is therapeutic. I think it
plays a much larger role than most of think it does
in our every day lives. What color we wear and the
color our rooms are can greatly affect us. I am totally
addicted to color and wanted to dedicate a post to it.
The book shelf above is an image from Domino and I
think it's insanely cool! Oh I thought about doing that
once with all of my books, but I'm not sure I have the
patience to do so. The overall effect is quite neat though.

This house truly shows that there are no rules to how
many colors you can paint a house in. It's not for everyone
but it's interesting indeed. The trim, doors, floors and etc
are all different colors!

This wonderfully quirky house is so bright and
colorful that you can't help but be cheery in it.

Somehow, the owner was clever enough with all
of the color that none of it actually clashes. For
example, red and green in the above room are
complementary colors.

I adore this pink bedroom. The
pillows really make it pop!

One room can be painted two different colors.
The black ribbons around the edges of the room
really complement the silhouettes.

Here's the complementary red and green again
in lime. The painted headboard is so clever.

Who'd have thought that lime green and turquoise
would work? The red is what actually pulls it

Mysterious and royal purple. Isn't
this such an awesome stencil job?

Magenta and Orange - a lovely combination.

And of course Orange and Pink.

Orange is such an energizing color. It's really
tough to be down in an orange room like this.

This bright pink carries such energy with it.

Green is associated with Mother nature and is always
soothing to the eye. When I was young, my mom told
me that looking at greenery was good for my eyes. I
never quite understood why that would be but it sure
feels soothing.

This grass green is soothing but
considerably more energetic in it's bold color.

With the right hue, green is very refreshing.

Orange and Blue are complementary colors so they
actually work very well together although we don't
so commonly use it. It's a common color in countries
such as India where they use very saturated colors
and dyes.

Red - is of course the color of passion, temper, danger
and excitement. It's great in kitchens to get one's
appetite going.

Not everyone can live in a red room, but I think I might be
ok in this one. The black really helps anchor the room. I
can just imagine it at night with candle light to reflect off of
the red walls.

I don't think I could live in an orange room. It sounds
funny since I seem to be able to tolerate red rooms but
there's something about this color that unsettles me when
there is too much of it. I love it as an accent color though.

The Language of Color

I truly believe that color affects many areas
of our lives. I find it fascinating how it can
change our moods and make us feel differently.
I found some books that are really neat on color
and color therapy. The Language of Color has a
simple 14 question test in it that evaluates our
individual color peferences SICA (Self-Image
Color Analysis). Each of us have colors that we
are drawn to and everyone is different in how they
feel about different colors. This book explores that.

Color Therapy at Home

This book focuses on color in the home.
Rockport Publishers publishes this book
and they are one of my favorite publishers.

Color Healing Home:
Improve your Well Being and Your
Home Using Color Therapy

The book is exactly reflected in it's title
of how color can be used to improve your
home and your well being.

Life in Color: The Visual Therapy to the

Perfect Palette for Fashion, Beauty and You!

This book focuses more on color and fashion.
How you can choose the right colors for yourself
as there are definitely colors that make us look
dowdy and washed out while other colors that simply
make our skin glow. Someone once said that to me
when I was wearing a particular shade of blue. Funny
enough, I do not wear much blue but it made me think
more about why I don't wear more blue.

How does color play into your life? Do you feel different
when you were one color versus another? Does the color
of a room affect your moods?

Photos from Domino, Maire Claire, Trine Thorsen,
New York Spaces Magazine, and Design Ties blog.

A big thank you to Terri Sapienza at the
Washington Post for featuring this post!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Video Shopping - A Brand New Experience with Talk Market

Here's my inspirational photo of the day. A gorgeous
modern kitchen with light counters and rich, dark woods
for the floors and cabinetry. I quite love the very dark
floors - they are dramatic with the stainless steel appliances.

Today, I bring you something different. Have you ever
heard of video shopping? This is the first I've seen of it
and it's quite a neat idea. Talk Market is the first of it's
kind that I'm aware of and it is a new venture funded by
Amazon. You should definitely check it out.

They have some really cool and unique items as they offer
items from boutiques all over the country. The product
above is called the Taika collection and is illustrated by a
renowned Finnish illustrator. The colors and designs are

I've always loved maps and atlases ever since I was
young. It's probably due to my obsession with travel.
The Map Totes are excellent grocery bags and they are
available in all sorts of well known cities around the

Although this product is expensive, I have to say that is
very unique and very neat. You really must see the video
for these huggable light pillows. Believe it or not, these lights
were inspired by seasonal depression disorder. The lights are
actually removable from the pillow and they are squeezable!

Talk Market offers products of all kinds from gifts, decor to
fashion. I have $20 gift certificates available to readers that
are interested in receiving a certificate. If you are interested,
please email me at The certificates
are for $20 each and the minimum purchase is $20. Great
isn't it? The certificates are good through April 30, 2009.

And I leave you with a gorgeous view for the weekend.
Midcentury modern home with a view - clean and gorgeous.

If you have a chance to check out Talk Market and video
shopping, please let me know what you think of this new
way to shop online! Does it make it easier? Would it make
it easier for you to make a decision to buy something online?
I'm curious because I do a ton of shopping online and many of
my friends always ask me how I could possibly feel comfortable
shopping online for something that I can't touch or see in person.

Inspiration Photos from Domino and Atomic Ranch magazine.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Gorgeous French Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

This French B&B called Le33 is unique in more than one way.
Situated about 1 hour from Paris, the B&B is in the beautiful
countryside in a gorgeous building that's been renovated.

This is the back of the house.

The lovely entrance.

An entrance to one of the rooms.

The dining room and kitchen is what I consider
to be the most beautiful room in the home.

This B&B is super reasonable in its rates. 70 Euros for 1 person
and 80 Euroes for 2 people - and it includes breakfast! That's
approximately $95 and $108 respectively. I doubt you can easily
find rates like that in the states - especially with rooms like these!
The rooms are clean with understated elegance.

What I think is also so unique about their decor is that it
is so homey and comfortable. I just can't believe what the
rates are for these beautifully appointed rooms. Someone
definitely has an eye for design.

I've seen my share of ugly, outdated and over the top
hotel rooms. Sometimes when I see a room in a decent
hotel that has really ugly fabrics, I just wonder who they
commissioned to design their rooms. The room above
absolutely shows that when done right, even the simplest of
rooms can be very welcoming and aesthetically pleasing.

I've been a big fan of gray lately.

This looks like an image from a movie.
Beautiful but mysterious with the mist.

Beautiful even in the winter with bare trees.

Ok here's the clincher - can you believe
this entire B&B was outfitted with Ikea
furnishings and hardware? Don't think
that Ikea is only for mod designs, this
French couple certainly made it work
for their B&B with a very French flair.

Their B&B was actually published in one of the
Ikea magazines.

The sitting area, storage, furniture, kitchen, rooms
and etc have mostly Ikea pieces. They mixed it
beautifully with a few key French pieces.

Here are the personal spaces for the couple who
run the B&B. If you're in the area, you should
definitely stay in this B&B. Super reasonable rates,
clean, better looking than most inns I've seen and
it includes breakfast!

Philippe et Florence MICHON
33 rue de Gournay60390
AUTEUILtel. 33.(0)
mobile 33.(0)

All photos from Le33 with inspiration from Bemz.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Before & After Bedroom Makeovers

As most of you already know, Domino magazine is folding.
It's something that I know many of us are really sad about.
I've always loved before and after photos and found some
really great ones on the Domino website galleries. They will
be taken down soon so if you there's room images you want
to save, now would be a good time to download like a fiend
(as I've been.)

It's sometimes hard to pick the perfect paint color or shade.
The green above hits exactly the right hue to make the room
so brilliant and fresh above.

This is really neat room - it shows how one
can actually use pattern against pattern.

I love the way they did the space planning in
the after shot. Green with pops of purple.

The tree art against the wall makes a real statement in the room.

Sometimes, you don't even need a drawing or a painting,
just color will do like this solid yellow canvas and a bolder
hue of paint to revitalize a room.

The before room looks so old and run down. White washing
the room with fresh linens and a headboard really make
this room look airy and clean.

From plain to romantic.

Old fashioned and outdated to bright and modern.

Totally a mess to a bright cottage-styled room.

New furniture and a new rug can make a world of a difference.

From plain to having loads of personality. Adding a headboard,
paintings, and a matching pair of lamps did wonders for this room.

Hope you enjoyed all of the before and after bedrooms from Domino.

All photos from