Monday, March 23, 2009

Before & After Bedroom Makeovers

As most of you already know, Domino magazine is folding.
It's something that I know many of us are really sad about.
I've always loved before and after photos and found some
really great ones on the Domino website galleries. They will
be taken down soon so if you there's room images you want
to save, now would be a good time to download like a fiend
(as I've been.)

It's sometimes hard to pick the perfect paint color or shade.
The green above hits exactly the right hue to make the room
so brilliant and fresh above.

This is really neat room - it shows how one
can actually use pattern against pattern.

I love the way they did the space planning in
the after shot. Green with pops of purple.

The tree art against the wall makes a real statement in the room.

Sometimes, you don't even need a drawing or a painting,
just color will do like this solid yellow canvas and a bolder
hue of paint to revitalize a room.

The before room looks so old and run down. White washing
the room with fresh linens and a headboard really make
this room look airy and clean.

From plain to romantic.

Old fashioned and outdated to bright and modern.

Totally a mess to a bright cottage-styled room.

New furniture and a new rug can make a world of a difference.

From plain to having loads of personality. Adding a headboard,
paintings, and a matching pair of lamps did wonders for this room.

Hope you enjoyed all of the before and after bedrooms from Domino.

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TheDecoDetective said...

I've saved these and lots of other photos from the Domino website... Before-and-afters are so fun! I love the two green ones in particular, and especially the living room with the purple chair and pillows.

Sa-Sea Boutique said...

BEAUTIFUL! You always find the best goodies and make me feel like I am soo behind on my house, but in an inspiring type of way. keep it up! love your blog!

Sofea said...

wow !!very nice !!
wish i could do tht to my bedroom 2 !!!!need to change the "aura" !!
ha ha !!

pve design said...

I know - say it isn't so!
Say that there will be someone AFTER me to make me rise and shine to whip and restore order and style to my ho hum day. Amazing what a little "after" can do to your "before!"

Leigh said...

Gorgeous images - thank you. Love before and after shots - they're always so inspiring.

maureen said...

I'm still moping about Domino folding! Glad I kept all of my issues. Before & afters are so inspiring, gives me a world of ideas:)Thanks for sharing!

Ursie B said...

These are great. I miss Domino so much already. Hope something else as cool and innovative comes along soon!

Annie Empiric said...

Great post! I know some of these have been posted about before but it's nice to see them together like this. I am doing a bedroom makeover at the moment and all of these rooms give me some inspiration. Thx

Yoli said...

The one with the yellow canvas and clean lines of black and white speaks to me.

Porchlight Interiors said...

There is nothing like a good before and after! So many fabulous examples in this post - loved it! Tracey xx

Meade Design Group said...

I really like the yellow canvas - fun rooms!

Mike said...

The purple pillows make my day.