Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bright and Breezy Modern Home

Sometimes I'm really torn because I love romantic and
European homes. But I also really love bright and modern
homes as well. I suppose it's why my style is so eclectic.

I totally fell in love with how bright and open this modern
home is. The wood floors and surfaces are fantastic as well
of the windows that create such a bright space.

This is the outside of the home. It seems so open
which seems to be perfect in this tropical setting.

Somehow, the inside of this
bedroom reminds me of a boat.

A very clever layout for a small bathtub.
The oblong window really makes this
bathroom unique.

How about them red doors for some color.

And a gorgeous outdoor deck to hang out in.

If not outside, then perhaps a sunroom with a lot of windows.

I hope all of you modern architecture lovers out there enjoyed
this post. Any other modern home lovers out there? I particularly
love Eichler and mid-century styled homes myself.

All photos from House & Garden Australia


Isa said...

I'm new to this blog, but I had to comment. I'm like you, in that I love both romantic European and modern. I'm still looking for a perfect way to combine them both!

Willow Decor: said...

Not usually a fan of very modern interiors but I really like the light and space and layout in these photos! Great find!

DesignTies said...

Such a fab house!! The wood floors are fantastic, and I love all the colour :-) The deck is great, and the plants give it such a nice tropical look and feel :-)

I'm like you -- my style preferences are all over the place!! But one thing never changes.... PURPLE ROCKS!!! :-D

Kelly @ DesignTies

The Stylish Copywriter said...

Usually I find ultramodern interiors are too cold, but I'm with you on this one - the tropical setting really warms this house up and makes it livable!

Aubrey said...

Ah! I've been having the same problem, I love more european/english/old world stuff, but I am really leaning toward modern looks lately. I have finally figured that I love any style as long as it looks sophisticated. I think that's what draws me in. But now, I'm not sure what direction to go in my home. help! :D

Lucinda said...

Nice post! I think you would really like some of my firm's work, check us out at My boss (an architect in his mid seventies but WAY ahead of his time) designed a beautiful steel home in Santa Barbara but his furnishings include several family heirlooms and artwork that give it a unique look.

Sa-Sea Boutique said...

that bath tub is to die for!! love it!!! you always find the most amazing pictures!

Annie Empiric said...

Some modern homes are lacking in the cozy department but this one is totally warm and welcoming. It had me at hello with it's phenomenal curb appeal. This is one for the inspiration folder, thanks!

Anonymous said...

great house!!!!but i'm like you...i prefer romantic decoration...with a modern touch!!!hard to combine but the result is so sophisticated!!!

Yoli said...

I love industrial modern this home is too cluttered for me but I do like it. The outside is just beautiful.

Tamstyles said...

You have great things on your blog..this is my first time here..I will be back.

Mina said...

I have mid-century Mondays on my blog. Check it out!
Love your blog!

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