Monday, March 30, 2009

Color Therapy & Color Inspiration

I've always felt that Color is therapeutic. I think it
plays a much larger role than most of think it does
in our every day lives. What color we wear and the
color our rooms are can greatly affect us. I am totally
addicted to color and wanted to dedicate a post to it.
The book shelf above is an image from Domino and I
think it's insanely cool! Oh I thought about doing that
once with all of my books, but I'm not sure I have the
patience to do so. The overall effect is quite neat though.

This house truly shows that there are no rules to how
many colors you can paint a house in. It's not for everyone
but it's interesting indeed. The trim, doors, floors and etc
are all different colors!

This wonderfully quirky house is so bright and
colorful that you can't help but be cheery in it.

Somehow, the owner was clever enough with all
of the color that none of it actually clashes. For
example, red and green in the above room are
complementary colors.

I adore this pink bedroom. The
pillows really make it pop!

One room can be painted two different colors.
The black ribbons around the edges of the room
really complement the silhouettes.

Here's the complementary red and green again
in lime. The painted headboard is so clever.

Who'd have thought that lime green and turquoise
would work? The red is what actually pulls it

Mysterious and royal purple. Isn't
this such an awesome stencil job?

Magenta and Orange - a lovely combination.

And of course Orange and Pink.

Orange is such an energizing color. It's really
tough to be down in an orange room like this.

This bright pink carries such energy with it.

Green is associated with Mother nature and is always
soothing to the eye. When I was young, my mom told
me that looking at greenery was good for my eyes. I
never quite understood why that would be but it sure
feels soothing.

This grass green is soothing but
considerably more energetic in it's bold color.

With the right hue, green is very refreshing.

Orange and Blue are complementary colors so they
actually work very well together although we don't
so commonly use it. It's a common color in countries
such as India where they use very saturated colors
and dyes.

Red - is of course the color of passion, temper, danger
and excitement. It's great in kitchens to get one's
appetite going.

Not everyone can live in a red room, but I think I might be
ok in this one. The black really helps anchor the room. I
can just imagine it at night with candle light to reflect off of
the red walls.

I don't think I could live in an orange room. It sounds
funny since I seem to be able to tolerate red rooms but
there's something about this color that unsettles me when
there is too much of it. I love it as an accent color though.

The Language of Color

I truly believe that color affects many areas
of our lives. I find it fascinating how it can
change our moods and make us feel differently.
I found some books that are really neat on color
and color therapy. The Language of Color has a
simple 14 question test in it that evaluates our
individual color peferences SICA (Self-Image
Color Analysis). Each of us have colors that we
are drawn to and everyone is different in how they
feel about different colors. This book explores that.

Color Therapy at Home

This book focuses on color in the home.
Rockport Publishers publishes this book
and they are one of my favorite publishers.

Color Healing Home:
Improve your Well Being and Your
Home Using Color Therapy

The book is exactly reflected in it's title
of how color can be used to improve your
home and your well being.

Life in Color: The Visual Therapy to the

Perfect Palette for Fashion, Beauty and You!

This book focuses more on color and fashion.
How you can choose the right colors for yourself
as there are definitely colors that make us look
dowdy and washed out while other colors that simply
make our skin glow. Someone once said that to me
when I was wearing a particular shade of blue. Funny
enough, I do not wear much blue but it made me think
more about why I don't wear more blue.

How does color play into your life? Do you feel different
when you were one color versus another? Does the color
of a room affect your moods?

Photos from Domino, Maire Claire, Trine Thorsen,
New York Spaces Magazine, and Design Ties blog.

A big thank you to Terri Sapienza at the
Washington Post for featuring this post!


GingerSnap said...

I love the painted headboard. My condo is painted so many different colors. Our bedroom is turquoise, our kitchen is celery green, our living room is yellow, our porch is melon, our bathroom is pink, our guest room is lavender...I NEED the color :)

Maggie May said...

I like the purple, green and red- purple is my obession right now.

Heidi (eyeful) said...

Great colorful rooms! I adore that green striped bedroom!

Magoda said...

Very, very interesting blog! Congratulation! I found many inspiration for me.
sorry for my english :)))
Many greetings.

Jan said...

Always liked the colour co-ordinated books idea IN THEORY but how would you find anything?
Nice selection of images though K
like the purple hallway :)

DesignTies said...

I love colour!! I really enjoyed looking at all the colourful pictures that you posted :-) That orange & magenta house with the scooter parked in front is one of my very favourite colourful pictures :-) I'm happy to see you like it too :-)

The one colour I'm not crazy about is yellow. Although I recently saw a bedroom vignette in black & white with bright yellow accents, and it was quite striking. So I guess if it's used right, I even like yellow :-)

My fave colour is purple, followed by cobalt blue. Those two colours just make my eyes happy :-)

Have you visited Maria Killam's blog Colour Me Happy? I think you'd enjoy it, she talks a lot about colours and how to use them in your home.

Kelly @ DesignTies

Marnie said...

great photos - i will echo a few other comments - books by color - good effect but how would you find your books? Painted headboard - this inspired me to do the same in my bedroom - black ribbon - effective as trim - color is huge - in the rooms we live in and the clothes we wear - pink is my pick me up color and blue looks great too! thanks karen for the color book resources and vivid post

Fada Moranga said...

Hello Karen!
What a fantastic post! Colour is one of my therapies, oh yes! Thank you for sharing all these gorgeous houses.

Miss Aimee said...

love your blog! just followed!

Tamstyles said... have an award listed on my blog! thanks for the inspiration!

Noel Solomon said...

I LOVE all those colorful books!

Karibaskets said...

After a particularly long New England winter, and the "grey," dismal state the economy has been in, I've found that I've been using a LOT more color in my work. I've always been a color junkie but lately, I've been searching it out and treating my eyes with it all the more. Loved these photos (I'm still not brave enough to paint the walls though) Kari

Anonymous said...

This was a fantastic post! (Congrats on the Washington Post nod by the way). This post reinforced the idea that all same intensity colors can go together, not just the ones we have been told traditionally match. Daring but quite live-able too!

corine said...

That sure woke me up from my blog boredom, thank you ;-)

Amy said...

I love all the bright colors. Orange and teal are my happy colors.


Meade Design Group said...

I am sure Maria of Colour Me Happy will love this entry!

Things That Inspire said...

Great post! I am generally not a big color person in my decor, but I do love to wear color. Your post has given me a new appreciation for color in the home!

Tobi Fairley said...

I use so much color in my work and I'd loved this post as a means of inspiration for future projects!! Thanks for collecting all these amazing images! Tobi

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twin xl said...

Such amazing colorful interiors :)

Anonymous said...

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