Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Gorgeous French Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

This French B&B called Le33 is unique in more than one way.
Situated about 1 hour from Paris, the B&B is in the beautiful
countryside in a gorgeous building that's been renovated.

This is the back of the house.

The lovely entrance.

An entrance to one of the rooms.

The dining room and kitchen is what I consider
to be the most beautiful room in the home.

This B&B is super reasonable in its rates. 70 Euros for 1 person
and 80 Euroes for 2 people - and it includes breakfast! That's
approximately $95 and $108 respectively. I doubt you can easily
find rates like that in the states - especially with rooms like these!
The rooms are clean with understated elegance.

What I think is also so unique about their decor is that it
is so homey and comfortable. I just can't believe what the
rates are for these beautifully appointed rooms. Someone
definitely has an eye for design.

I've seen my share of ugly, outdated and over the top
hotel rooms. Sometimes when I see a room in a decent
hotel that has really ugly fabrics, I just wonder who they
commissioned to design their rooms. The room above
absolutely shows that when done right, even the simplest of
rooms can be very welcoming and aesthetically pleasing.

I've been a big fan of gray lately.

This looks like an image from a movie.
Beautiful but mysterious with the mist.

Beautiful even in the winter with bare trees.

Ok here's the clincher - can you believe
this entire B&B was outfitted with Ikea
furnishings and hardware? Don't think
that Ikea is only for mod designs, this
French couple certainly made it work
for their B&B with a very French flair.

Their B&B was actually published in one of the
Ikea magazines.

The sitting area, storage, furniture, kitchen, rooms
and etc have mostly Ikea pieces. They mixed it
beautifully with a few key French pieces.

Here are the personal spaces for the couple who
run the B&B. If you're in the area, you should
definitely stay in this B&B. Super reasonable rates,
clean, better looking than most inns I've seen and
it includes breakfast!

Philippe et Florence MICHON
33 rue de Gournay60390
AUTEUILtel. 33.(0)
mobile 33.(0)

All photos from Le33 with inspiration from Bemz.


Leigh said...

Love this post - we're off to France in a couple of months so I will have a look to see if this gorgeous place is anywhere near where we will be!

TheDecoDetective said...

This is excellent; it looks gorgeous plus I hope I'll get to travel a bit in France this year. I'll bookmark this post!

Zelda said...

WHERE IS IT , I WANNA GO !!! HONEY give us the location

The Buzz said...

Leave it to the French to make Ikea look charming, yet au courant. We can just see ourselves having croissants and cafe au lait in that gorgeous kitchen. Bravo - yet another beautiful and inspiring post!

my favorite and my best said...

awesome!! i have seen quite a few french inns recently that are reasonably priced and still very well appointed and lovely. i posted on one recently myself called ma maison de mer. by the sea no less...beautiful!!
i am very intrigued by this place's use of ikea! love it!!!

Song of Style said...

karen, take meeh to france with u! lol
the beddingof the first house is so adorable! and i can't believe everthing is from ikea on the second B&B house.

Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

This is absoultely gorgeous! So cozy and chic. I love the dining room and the guestroom with the double beds.

Sa-Sea Boutique said...

I DEF want to go! Love everything about it! But I have a feeling that it is much more likely for me to go to Ikea and get the same goodies for my house than make it to their Inn. Sigh!

eyeful said...

I found your blog a few weeks ago, and I was instantly hooked! Thank you for another great post.

I love that this amazing space was furnished with Ikea items! So impressive.

Marie said...

I so j'adore your blog! I came across it today searching for laundry rooms inspirations (coz i'm currently adding a laundry room). I'm going to add you to my j'adore blogs and count me as your fan!

Elly & Yin said...

OH MY!! I came across your blog randomly and I LOVE it! I'm going to Paris this year to visit my friend, will definatelly visit that gorgeous French B&B if I have time.

Just wondering if I could link you onto my site - ?


DesignTies said...

Beautiful!! And so inspiring that it's decorated with Ikea finds. Goes to show you that you don't have to spend a lot to create a pretty home :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Cote de Texas said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUTSTANDING. i've said it before = it doesn't take money to get good design!!!!
unreal!!!! love this love this!!!!!

Willow Decor: said...

What a great find!! So pretty and affordable!! Great post!!!

Mango Gal said...

This is so beautiful! Can I be there tomorrow?

Things That Inspire said...

Beautiful, beautiful place. When I was in Paris summer I saw that effortless style that so many French women possess; I see that in this B&B too!

Julie said...

Beautiful..Great posting. you have a great taste, I love your Korean blog link too As being a Korean-American. I didn't even know something like that exist..
Love your upholstery project as I am into uplostery these days..
Will coming back for more great posting.

Julie, Melbourne

Maggie May said...

Oh it's magic. Pure Parisian magic.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

How glorious! The spaces shown are truly a well designed dream.

Meade Design Group said...

It is all about the choices - this inn doesn't feel like a IKEA show.

Great eye opener!

Down Comforter said...

Really charming place - nice change of pace from the typical hotel chains.

Anonymous said...

This is excellent; it looks gorgeous place I hope I'll get to travel a bit in France this year. I'll bookmark this post!
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