Monday, March 16, 2009

Rustic and Cottage Kitchens

It's time for another kitchen post - this time focusing on
rustic and cottage kitchens. The above is a fantastic
eat-in kitchen that has a modern cottage feel to it. It's
spacious and has an airy feel to it with all of the white
in the room.

This kitchen is definitely more of an ornate kitchen. The
dining table and chairs give it a more country and cottage
feel. It's very interesting how the ornate detailing in the
wood and the ornate chandeliers are juxtaposed against
the simpler country chairs.

Here's a more updated feel to a country styled kitchen.
I just love how spacious this room is. Don't we all wish
are kitchen and dining rooms were this spacious?!

Talk about a super tall ceiling! The height of the
room is definitely impressive. I love how the island
doubles as a very functional dining area.

I just think this eat in kitchen is so pretty.

The painted ceiling and floors are a really
unique feature in this kitchen.

Hello modern color in a cottage kitchen.
Love it!

Dark floors against white - I adore it.
I go nuts for Fire King - so the jade-ite
collection above is really the perfect set
of dishes and bowls for this kitchen.

Shabby Chic island in this modernized cottage
kitchen. I rarely find a shabby chic kitchen. It's
pretty unique.

I love the short benches for this long island.
Open plan kitchens are the best.

If you have a log home, I think this kitchen would be perfect.
Rustic wood beams, flooring and a stonework. How divine.

Lyn Peterson's Real Life Kitchens

My favorite two kitchen books.

House Beautiful: Kitchens

Here's a link to my past kitchen posts
for more inspiration - Alkemie Kitchens.

What sort of kitchen styles do you like?
Super Modern? Cottage? Traditional?
Vintage? Glamorous? European? Asian?

Photos from BH&G, Homes & Gardens,
Country Home and Victoria Hagan.


pinkstilettos said...

I would love to have any of these kitchens besides my own. They are all great! I want a white kitchen the most- maybe someday! Daisy~

Sa-Sea Boutique said...

Those kitchens are great! I have just now added to my collection of things to do. :)

Jade Creative said...

Beautiful kitchens! I like the openess of no typical cupboards above the counter. Our kitchen is small but has that look.
Have a great day


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I just found your blog and I only have one word to say- HEAVEN! I love it.

Leigh said...

Gorgeous post - it would be difficult to choose my favourite as each kitchen has its own individual beauty and style!

Rachel said...

L-O-V-E the first kitchen!! Love love love love it.
And it's lavender! Your favorite color.

Serialstyler said...

Bring on the black kitchen cupboards. Love the higher cabinets too!!

Aubrey said...

Love the kitchens. I could look at kitchens all day! I really love the first white one, I think because it's so bright and I'm so ready for spring! All the sunlight coming through those windows makes me happy. :)

Sofea said...

WOW ..really nice !!!
i love the first white one..
its really so white n nice !!

Jamie-Lynn said...

I love everything about the first kitchen, the color, subway tiles, light fixtures, the shelves (I love open shelves) and the table and chairs are so beautiful!

Yoli said...

Hands down, the first one is my favorite.

Miss Kris said...

I'll take any of the white pretties. I especially "LOVE" number five kitchen. I love the touch of blue on the wall and the super long table. Oooo and the stove!!! Thanks for the lovely inspirations this morning!!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Can I select "All of the above"? :)

Anonymous said...

i really crave the first white kitchen just gorgeous i was trying yo create an all white kitchen but hot pink has suddenky crept in its so springlike like cherry blossom

timelesshome annika said...

Another kithen post dont worry you can show more I LOVE IT .Thanks for inspiration!

maureen said...

I love those mint green chairs in the first pic. Going cottage is so charming & cozy!

Fada Moranga said...

I will want a biiiig island, please! Wonderful kitchens! :-)***

Meade Design Group said...

I have to say that after seeing this pictures you definitely need high ceilings to have the best kitchen. That was the element I liked the most in these entry.

Great pictures by the way!

Anonymous said...

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Koekkener said...

This blog for kitchen is really good!! Pictures shows that this kitchen is one of the most dream kitchen. Thank you for sharing..

Anonymous said... has one of the largest selections of Shabby Chic Dining Room on the web so check it out.

charleston forge said...

I will make sure and bookmark this page, I will come back to follow you more.

office removals said...
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Jack said...

kitchens solihull

I really like everything about the first kitchen, large, train flooring, lights, the racks (I really like open shelves) and the desk and seats are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I really like your design. I hope one of them could be mine..:) love it

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