Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Cleaning ~ Inspirational Laundry Rooms

Photo from Domino
Though it's been raining hard here in San Francisco,
it's hard to imagine that Spring is already coming! I
can't believe it's already March. With spring comes
spring cleaning so I thought I would do a lineup on
laundry rooms and spaces. When I was young, I used
to adore jumping into a fresh laundry pile that had
just come out of the dryer because it was so warm
and because it smelled like laundry detergent.

I love the color of the laundry space above. Although
it's small, there are racks and hooks that utilize the
space well.

Photo from Domino

The laundry room above is bright an airy with
a ton of storage space. Don't we all wish we had
such a spacious laundry room.

Photo from Martha Stewart
The above laundry space is a very practical
one that many of us would have. I love that
the owner put beadboard to the walls and
a curtain to draw over the open shelves.

House to Home

Designer washer and dryer anyone?

This laundry room looks to be ultra modern and
state of the art with front loading machines, stainless
steel surfaces and a metal back splash treatment.
Very cool indeed.

Ever thought about wallpapering your laundry
room? Why not indeed. Here's a great example.

Bella Design Team Blog

One of the owners of Bella Design Team installed
this super cozy laundry area in her garage. I can't
even tell it's in the garage! Great isn't it?

Found this super chic laundry room on Flickr (Saucy Dragonfly).
This laundry room is on a landing but it didn't stop the owner
from installing a glam chandelier with wallpaper and beadboard.

House to Home

For organization, all you need are hooks, shelves
and a rack with laundry bins is super useful.
In fact, you can find racks just like it below.

Basic Elements Ultra Laundry
Station for $59.99 from Amazon.

Laundry Station: Organize It All

I actually like this square one as it's a bit different.
It includes a flat table on top for folding.

Here's a super bright and cheery laundry room.

There's a whole art to laundry and keeping our
clothes clean and preserved. I'm a sucker for
books with beautiful photos and tips/instructions
for everything.

Anywho, hope you were inspired for any of you
who were thinking of a laundry space makeover.


Marnie said...

front loaded washers everywhere - can'f felt with those!

Margarita said...

Wow, from the very first one you had my attention. These are gorgeous rooms and truly inspiring to make a chore into something beautiful.

Visual Vamp said...

Cute post!
Love the wallpaper print front loader.
Now if you could just send someone over to the laundry ha ha
xo xo

Jan said...

This is the stuff of pure fantasy for me - oh to be organized like this!

The Goods Design said...

These are gorgeous! A beautified laundry room might have to be my next project in my home!

Creme de la Mode said...

Wow, I've officially reached housewife status when I'm giddy over posts of laundry areas. LOVERLY!!

DesignTies said...

I CANNOT convince my hubby to go with front loaders, even though I keep trying to appeal to his cheap (he would say frugal!) sensibilites about how they're much more economical than the W/D we have now. Oh well, at least he agreed to make over the laundry room -- that's a start!!

The laundry area on the landing is unusual -- I've never seen that before. But hey, why not glam it up with a chandelier and wallpaper! :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Courtney Adams said...

great ideas! i also added an image of my own and link to your blog. hope you will stop by and see it.
thanks for the great post!!

KarenB said...

I love the pink wallpapered laundry room. My last LR was wallpapered in great big yellow checks. I was thinking about painting my current LR the robins egg blue like your first picture. It would blend well with the two bedrooms next to it. But, I could accessorize with pink. Mmmmm, might be a plan. Regarding front loaders. . . yep, no felting, also I've only heard nightmares from my friends who have them. FYI

Brilliant Asylum said...

This is great. I seriously have the scariest basement laundry room--more of a tomb. I am so jealous of all of these lucky homeowners with a proper laundry area.

maison21 said...

i consider myself lucky to just have space (barely) for a washer and dryer. i couldn't imagine life without them!

Anonymous said...

hi im new to your blog after being seduced by the truly gorgeous smeg fridges im fom scotland and its been snowing and blowing a gale all day so tumble dryer hasnt been off at the moment its inmy bedroom which is far from ideal!! id love a pretty laundrey room my fav is pic one

wide open spaces said...

wow. it's funny how i can look at exquisite interiors all day long but the rooms that really get me are laundry rooms, mud rooms & pantries. what is that all about? these are fantastic.

Anonymous said...


Richtsje said...

Great post for inspiration, and that's what I need before we start doing up our laundry room. So thanks!

Corie Drane said...

That Bella Design Team laundry is so beautiful! I'd love to have that kind of room in our house in NY. But I'd like it to be inside the house, not in the garage. Haven't thought of upgrading our laundry room 'coz we've been relying on some services lately. Hubby and I did the spring cleaning, though. I've seen different laundry station commercials online, too. I think they're very useful and deal for small rooms.

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Alex said...

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