Thursday, April 2, 2009

Country Style Living Rooms

Isn't this simply a gorgeous living room? The ceiling is
beautiful along with the linear display of frames above the
fireplace. The color palette is soothing to the eyes and the
furniture looks comfortable - all the elements of a homey
country styled living room (with a modern twist.)

I love the use of color and the space planning in this living
room since it is a small room. Everything fits in here perfectly.
The ceiling treatment is pretty interesting and draws the eyes
up to the ceiling. I'm not traditionally a fan of yellow rooms but
I like this room. The sofa has a really neat upholstery treatment.

Must be something about that cheery yellow today.
Don't the armchairs look oh so comfortable? Makes
me want to snuggle up in one to read.

A wonderfully feminine but airy living room. Way to use
peaches and pinks in a room. The china cabinet to the left
is painted in a really pretty shade of pink.

Every thought of what a baby pink sofa would look like?
Here it is with matching pink lined in the book cases.

This room is very well laid out and accessorized perfectly.
Country style isn't known for being sparse. This room
strikes a good balance between having accessories for
interest and having too much to where it looks cluttered.

Shabby Chic anyone?

I love this particular living space is a bit more
eclectic with a surprising green lamp paired with
the red chairs.

What a beautiful country living room - in whites and creams.

Another airy but inviting living room. I so adore wood
burning fireplaces - although it's not so easy to light real
wood! I tend to use something like Duraflame.

Anywho, hope you've enjoyed this group of country styled
living rooms. Definitely built for style and comfort.

All photos from Country Living.


My Favorite and My Best said...

lovely. i really like the space with the green lamp.

Jade Creative said...

I'm a fan of all styles, but when it comes to my own living, it is that of cottage casual comfort decor. These are beautiful rooms.
Come join Kari and Kijsa and myself for the "Doors to Adore" party tuesday, April 7th. I know you'll have some great ideas to show.
Have a wonderful day!

Sa-Sea Boutique said...

wow!!! those are great! They are such beautiful rooms and I will be printing out a few of the pics to add to my living room redo!

Anne Marie said...

I did thoroughly enjoy looking at them- and I have seen some in my magazines lying around my living room ;)

DesignTies said...

Lovely, inviting rooms - thanks for sharing! I particularly liked the second yellow room (with the traditional fireplace) and the two white & cream rooms you posted last.
Victoria: EdinDesign Interiors @ DesignTies

Rachel Mallon said...

That last photo really hits home for me. The all neutral upholstery with the blue and green distressed wood. So beautiful!

Maria Killam said...

Congrats on the Blog Watch! Great post!

Anonymous said...


Country's come a long way since ducks and heart-shaped cutouts in wood furniture!

Meade Design Group said...

Very nice selection of rooms - I love the settle accents in colour - These rooms feel fresh and comfortable.

Tina Tarnoff said...

Goodness, I'd love to have fireplace! Lovely rooms:)

Anonymous said...

Am totally digging your Shabby Chic posts = ) Keep them coming!

Leigh said...

Love every one of these rooms - just gorgeous!

hazel said...

My favorites are the blues and pinks. My hubby and I just bought a new home that's over a 100 years old (parts of it)! I'm going to try and sneak some pink into the decor... wish me luck!

Porchlight Interiors said...

I just love the first pic and the two pink and white rooms! I wish more people would decorate with pink - gorgeous! Tracey xx

Margarita said...

Those are such beautiful rooms, I love the pink sofas in the one living room, so gorgeous.

royal creme said...

Though the baby pink sofas were certainly a surprise, I immediately fixated on the lined bookshelves. This does make my mind wander so...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do you know where I can find the fireplace mantle in the last photo?? I just love the blue distressed wood. Thanks!

condo for sale Philippines said...

What a stunning room! The colors are perfect! I love the rooms you posted. They are so beautiful.

Deirdre G

Anonymous said...

I love these rooms! So beautiful. I am in need of help...maybe someone can solve my issue. I have a odd shaped living room with a HUGE fireplace that is a whole wall. Is it ok to back a sofa up to it? I have tried every configuration and am at a loss.

condo for sale Philippines said...

Very beautiful rooms. I dreamed to have a peaceful room like this. Thanks for sharing.


Ayala Land said...

Nice themes/styles. Those can be used as inspiration even for condo owners who have very little space to work on. Thanks for the share!


Batangas City real estate said...

Nice photos.. Country style living rooms are great. I want those pink sofas and the shabby chic design. Looking good. The designers who made these are great.

- Nigel

Anonymous said...

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