Thursday, April 30, 2009

Land of the Leprachauns - Luxury in Dublin

I apologize as my timing is a bit off this week. Fell ill to a pretty
bad flu (no it's not the swine flu.) However, I'm on about 6
medications so if I seem a bit loopy - you'll understand why.

I saw a killer deal to Dublin, Ireland from New York City (other
cities available too) from Sceptre Tours. It's an insane deal between
$699 -$999 depending on what time of year you go. Try this on for
size - the price includes round trip tickets to Dublin AND 6 nights at the
Ritz Carlton on the outskirts of Dublin on the Powerscourt Estate. Ritz
Carlton hotel prices are normally $500 USD per night. If any of you out
there were even thinking about traveling to Ireland - please check this
package out as you'll likely not see a tour package like this one. Did I
forget to tell you that it includes a car rental in the price? And a free
pint of Guinness - not to be taken with the car...

You may be wondering what the Ritz Carlton in Dublin looks like.
Here is your personal tour from moi.

The estate has a gorgeous golf course on its land.

Beautiful Gardens...

A very impressive facade to the hotel. Quite modern and
very beautiful in it's architectural details I must say.

It must have quite a view from the terraces -
a perfect place for tea or champaigne.

The very impressive lobby is decorated in a Georgian style.
Very high ceilings make for a grand statement.

Thinking about a destination wedding? They have the
perfect room and venue.

Time for Afternoon Tea?

The perfect place to take it.

The cakes are just scrumptious. This
one looks almost too beautiful to eat.

A very regal red for the presidential suite.

I love that this bathroom is decorated in dark marble as
opposed to the bright whites we usually see. Did you notice
the personal sauna? Brilliant.

Green is a fitting color for the suites in this hotel.

Even their simpler rooms are very tastefully appointed. I
suppose it should be at what these rooms normally go for.

Blues, golds and whites - a great combination.

And of course, you can't really go wrong with a bathroom
in white marble. I love the black detailing for contrast.

No self respecting hotel in Ireland would
be missing a pub. So there you have it.

Complete with fish and chips, topped with a pint of Guinness.
How many of you think that Guinness beer tastes different in
Ireland than it does elsewhere? I've heard varying opinions so
I was curious to hear everyone else'.

As usual I've got some book picks for you on more
chic hotels in the UK and Ireland. Mr and Mrs Smith
books are always in good taste.

They even came out with a volume two.

Great Britain & Ireland's
Best Hotels

I highly recommend this fun book filled with
photos and recommendations on great stays
in Great Britain and Ireland.

Here's to happy travels and adventure.


DesignTies said...

Thanks for the tour -- beautiful hotel and grounds!!

I wonder if they have a great deal like this departing from Canada... have to check that out!!

Kelly @ DesignTies

meandering pearl said...

i want to live there!!! :)

Urban Flea said...

Wow wow wow! Thanks so much for the tour! What a gorgeous spot!

xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

Clarity said...

I like the red bedroom, the terrace, the bathroom and the cake! I live in London so ought to give it a go... I dream...

from the right bank said...

Okay, now I want to change my vacation plansand go to Ireland! I definitely wouldn't mind going to Dublin again- it's a great city. And this package looks AMAZING!

Michelle Zuniga said...

Thanks for the great tour! Wow! I'm there!

Michelle Zuniga
Zuniga Interiors

Meade Design Group said...

Wow! The Ritz - mmmmm I wish I could stay there one day.

royal creme said...

hmmm...a dark marble bathroom I would love a bath in that. I'm sure it would feel quite royal...

Lucinda said...

I love this place, esp. the bathrooms!

Down Comforter said...

What great photos! Makes me really want to go on vacay :)

Estrella said...

Look aat this places they are like a dream!!!

B said...

Gorgeous!!!! I certainly wouldn't mind spending a few nights there :)