Monday, May 4, 2009

Before & After Living Room Makeovers

I just love looking at before and after photos to get a real
sense of the transformation that has taken place. I really
love this room. It's soft of a living room with a desk in it.
A cross between a living area and an office area. It looks so
colorful and inviting.

This is what the space actually looked like before (to the left.)
What a transformation it makes with just a coat of paint and
draperies. I love the color palette.

This is actually the other side to the same room above. If you
look closely in the 1st photo, it shows a little bit of the chair above.
The second photo shows a little of the fireplace and sofa. It's neat
to see the other side of the room. The faux fireplace with the mirror
really adds a glamorous touch.

Here we have quite transformation - a more major renovation
in removing the brick wall and putting in windows on either
side of the fireplace. The room has gone from totally outdated
to positively modern.

Here's a closer look after the transformation.

From outdated to midcentury modern Chic.

I really like the beams on the ceiling. Love the white shag carpet
and the wood, square coffee table.

Here's something more of a traditional makeover with a
contemporary twist. The whites in the room have certainly
brightened the space up.

This space wasn't too bad to begin with but it just needed
better space planning and the pulling together of accessories.

Now this was a total gut job. The results are fantastic though.

From a disaster to what feels like a beachy sort
of cottage. Very relaxed and easy on the eyes.
I just love wide and deep sofas.

Last but not least is this sweet makeover. New paint on the
window trim, a comfy sofa and pops of color with the floor
rugs really make a huge difference.

101 Living Rooms: Stylish Room Solutions

Although the cover the book looks dark, this
book is full of great photos and examples of
different styles for your living room.

101 Ideas for Downstairs:
Kitchens, Dining Rooms & Living Rooms

The English are great at combining their sensibility
with design. This is a great book from BBC/Good
Homes for you to check out. I've always been a fan
of English decor publications.

House Beautiful's
Living & Dining Rooms

I own quite a few of House Beautiful's decoration
books. I love all the images and ideas in their books.

I can't believe it's already May. My time flies.

All images from Domino


Sharon said...

Hi, just passing by to let you know that LiveYourStyle is celebrating its 1st anniversary and hosting a giveaway!

Zelda said...

I wish people look at before and after pic. more often to realize HOW mush they NEED an INTERIOR DESIGNER !!! yea ! I said it

TheDecoDetective said...

Zelda, remember that not everyone can afford an interior designer ;-)

Anyway, thanks for reminding me of these, Karen! These rooms have gone through some stunning transformations! I think I downloaded Domino's before and afters at some point, I'll have to dig in my files... I like the one with the green chairs!

Have a nice Monday!

Chris S. said...

Does anyone have any information on the beautiful curtain fabric - the one with the over-size paisley pattern?


Jan said...

I too was drawn to the giant paisley pattern fabric (know where from K?)

Visual Vamp said...

Nothing better than a good Before and After!
Nice heads up book round up too.
Have you seen The Flip Book of Decorating - brand new, real cute and useful too.
xo xo

Susan Lang said...

Seeing those before and after's gives any room hope!

Clayton Gray Home said...

I love those stools in the first photo! Great pics!

SimplyGrove said...

Great before and afters!

DesignTies said...

It's fun looking at before and after pics :-) The "outdated" to "midcentury modern chic" transformation is great. And love the room with the bright green chairs and the blue glassware on the mantel :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Rachel said...

Oh, I remember that first room - I agree with you, it's gorgeous! I swear, if my husband wouldn't kill me for doing it, I would paint our office just like that! But I'm pretty sure he'd be upset over the "pink" room.
I just need to win the lotto so I can have my OWN office, and decorate it like this! ;-)

Miss Kris said...

Hi Karen~

I just love before and afters, these are amazing! My favourites are the brick fireplace redos! Very impressive!!!

~Miss Kris~

katiedid said...

Fun look! Always inspiring to see before and afters. Wish I had downloaded from Domino before they said goodbye.

I will be in SF on Thursday at the Orlando Diaz-Azcuy Booksiging at Gump's (5:30) Maybe you can make it?!

Down Comforter said...

Some really wonderful makeovers - thanks for sharing :)